Cross-Country Journeys, Chicken Scratch & Bossy Characters

Cross-Country Journeys, Chicken Scratch & Bossy Characters

The other day I was cleaning out my notebook collection (which is shockingly extensive, considering I use a PC/tablet/phone for nearly everything). In checking the contents of each notebook before sorting it into the “keep” or “toss” pile, I was surprised to discover pages and pages of handwritten notes in one innocuous looking little notebook. It took me a moment to realize that this was the notebook I took on our cross-country drive from Colorado to Georgia in 2014 for Thanksgiving.*

The drive where Aurora Renegades and Aurora Resonant came to life.

November 2014 places this drive two months after Vertigo was released, which means I was heavy into writing Transcendence. I’d had the broad brush-strokes of the full 9-book saga in place from the very beginning (yes, including the ending!), but up until this point I’d forced myself to focus on Aurora Rising—because if Rising wasn’t a success, there would likely be no 2nd and 3rd trilogies. But by November, Starshine had taken off and Vertigo was doing very well; I was collecting an enthusiastic fan base, and I had started to accept the notion that this writing gig was something I could do. As in, forever.

So it was time to get serious about the rest of the story.

Aurora Resonant: The Complete Collection Is Now Available

Aurora Resonant: The Complete Collection Is Now Available

AURORA RESONANT: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is now available on Amazon worldwide at a special release price of $0.99 for 4 days only. The Collection bundles together the three novels in the Aurora Resonant trilogy (Relativity, Rubicon, Requiem) as well as the Re/Genesis short story in one ebook with a stunning new cover.

The Collection also includes an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from the upcoming novel EXIN EX MACHINA (Asterion Noir Book 1). So even if you've already read the Aurora Resonant novels, here's your reason to pick up the Collection: to read how the epic new space opera/cyberpunk trilogy begins, before it begins. Did I mention it's only $0.99 for the next 4 days? Get it today.

SCI-FI BRIDGE is running an awesome audiobook/ebook giveaway this week. Sign up for a chance to win a Free Audible Credit to use on your choice of these incredible Sci-Fi books! All who enter will receive 2 E-books FREE. Enter here:  9 Winners will receive a Free Audible Credit, and 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive an Audible Credit and a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

All the AURORA RISING novels - Starshine, Vertigo, Transcendence and Aurora Rising: The Complete Collection - are now available at all major ebook retailers (Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, Scribd, etc.). Starshine continues to be free at all retailers. If you've got friends who love their non-Kindle ereaders, share the links with them. Much appreciated!

So how is Exin Ex Machina coming along? To the tune of 85K words, that's how :). I'm not ready to announce a release date yet, but the excitement level around here is high, that's for certain.

REQUIEM Is Live & Aurora Rhapsody On Sale

REQUIEM Is Live & Aurora Rhapsody On Sale

Here we go. Four years and three trilogies, all leading up to this. REQUIEM: Aurora Resonant Book Three, the finale of Aurora Rhapsody, is now available in ebook and paperback on Amazon worldwide. The ebook is available at a special release price of $0.99 for today only, so grab it before it moves to its regular price.

* I've never been more proud of a book than I am of this one. These characters long ago became a part of me, and I'm very happy to have brought them through portals and universes to this moment. If you haven't read the blog post from last week, give it a look: Aurora Rhapsody In Numbers & Pictures.

* Reviews are the greatest gift you can give, but posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, your own blogs, and forums are also most welcome. If Requiem moves you, tell others about it.

* To celebrate the Requiem release, I've got a big sale for everyone. Both trilogy compilations, Aurora Rising: The Complete Collection and Aurora Renegades: The Complete Collection, are on sale this week for $2.99, and Relativity and Rubicon are on sale for $0.99.

* If you know someone who wants to get started on the series, this is a great opportunity for them to dive in. Get links to the sale pages here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays filled with family, friends and books. 2018 is sure to be an exciting year, and I'll see you on the other side.

RELATIVITY Audiobook Now Available

RELATIVITY Audiobook Now Available

The RELATIVITY audiobook is here! Grab it on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Haven't been listening, but are interested in starting now? Send me an email - the first five people to respond will get a code to download the audiobook of their choice from Audible for free.

  • Pyper Down has been a fantastic narrator from the start, but she has truly outdone herself this time. Six new POV voices and 18 new speakers - 12 of them from 6 new alien species - and she handled them all flawlessly.
  • Eren, Felzeor and the rest of the new cast are brought to life with wonderful uniqueness and personality, and I couldn't be happier (you can probably tell). So give it a listen :).


Amazon recently launched Prime Reading, a curated selection of quality books that Prime members can download and read for free (learn more about the program here). I'm honored to announce that STARSHINE is one of 44 science fiction novels currently selected for the program. Until the end of March, Amazon Prime members can read Starshine for FREE.

The first draft of RUBICON is complete. Only two more drafts and five rounds of editing to go ;). You can read a little more about it in my recent Facebook post. Keep track of Rubicon's progress with the word count and (soon) editing meter in the right-hand column of the website homepage, under Works in Progress.

Holiday Wishes & A Holiday Sale

Holiday Wishes & A Holiday Sale

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holidays! I won't take much of your time, so you can get back to the eggnog and leftover cookies:

  • The response to RELATIVITY has been absolutely tremendous. I love that you love Eren, Felzeor, and the wondrous and dangerous universe of Amaranthe as much as I do. If you've had the chance to finish reading Relativity, consider posting a quick review on Amazon or sharing the book on social media - you have my thanks!
  • In an overabundance of holiday spirit, I've put both Aurora Rising and Aurora Renegades: The Complete Collections on sale for $0.99 (or currency equivalent) on Amazon WORLDWIDE. The sale runs until the calendar flips to the new year, so tell your friends they have something to spend a tiny fraction of their Christmas gift cards on :).

Thank you all for an amazing year, and I look forward to sharing more of Alex and Caleb's incredible story with you all in the next one.



RELATIVITY: Aurora Resonant Book One is now available in ebook and paperback on Amazon worldwide. The ebook is available at a special release price of $0.99 for one week, so grab it before it moves to its regular price - the sooner the better, as release-day sales matter a great deal.

  • Reviews are the greatest gift you can give, but posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, your own blogs, and forums are also most welcome. If Relativity moves you, tell others about it.
  • Pyper Down will start recording in the next few days, and we hope to have the audiobook in your ears in February.

Relativity pulls back the curtain on a whole new universe of places, aliens and wonders - and things are hopping back in Aurora, too ;). If you missed my recent blog post on the new Resonant trilogy, give it a glance today: Resonant, Relativity, Re/Genesis and Other Musings on the Letter 'R'.

  • On that note, if you haven't read Re/Genesis yet, you can pick it up for FREE on Amazon worldwide, Nook, Google Play and Wattpad, as well as download it directly from the website or even read it on the website: get your links here. It's best read before Relativity, but no time is the wrong time.

To celebrate the Relativity release, ALL THE AURORA RHAPSODY BOOKS ARE ON SALE FOR $0.99 for the next week: Starshine, Vertigo, Transcendence, Sidespace, Dissonance and Abysm. You can find them all in one place on the Amazon Aurora Rhapsody series page.

* This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who's interested in reading the series to jump in, so spread the word.

* With the exception of Relativity, this sale is US/UK only; if you live in other locales, I've got a sale coming your way Christmas Day.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Christmas season filled with friends and loved ones, many gifts and much frivolity, and that Relativity brings an added touch of joy to your holidays :).

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