Aurora Resonant: The Complete Collection Is Now Available

AURORA RESONANT: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is now available on Amazon worldwide at a special release price of $0.99 for 4 days only. The Collection bundles together the three novels in the Aurora Resonant trilogy (Relativity, Rubicon, Requiem) as well as the Re/Genesis short story in one ebook with a stunning new cover.

  • The Collection also includes an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from the upcoming novel EXIN EX MACHINA (Asterion Noir Book 1). So even if you've already read the Aurora Resonant novels, here's your reason to pick up the Collection: to read how the epic new space opera/cyberpunk trilogy begins, before it begins. Did I mention it's only $0.99 for the next 4 days? Get it today.

  • If you've posted reviews for any of Relativity, Rubicon or Requiem, please consider copying them over to Aurora Resonant. If you haven't gotten around to posting a review, well, now's an excellent time to share all your thoughts on the trilogy in one place! It's going to take a while for new readers to get through the whole trilogy, so a couple of early reviews will help a great deal in increasing visibility for the Collection. You have my thanks.


Cover Reveal

Cover Art by  Susan Gerardi  Models by  EJ Fisch

Cover Art by Susan Gerardi
Models by EJ Fisch


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I also want to let everyone know that all the AURORA RISING novels - Starshine, Vertigo, Transcendence and Aurora Rising: The Complete Collection - are now available at all major ebook retailers (Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, Scribd and more). Find all the links below:

Starshine continues to be free at all retailers. If you've got friends who love their non-Kindle ereaders, share the above links with them. Much appreciated!

So how is Exin Ex Machina coming along? To the tune of 85K words, that's how :). I'm not ready to announce a release date yet, but the excitement level around here is high, that's for certain.