Aurora Resonant Book Three

The end of the world began with a library query…how will it conclude?

What began as a chance discovery of an anomalous signal is now a multiverse war between humanity and its genetic ancestors over who controls the levers of life and death. Over who decides what life is and whether it will be allowed to exist. For the ruling Anaden Directorate, victory means immortality. For humanity, defeat means extinction.

On the heels of a breakthrough in wormhole technology, AEGIS and the anarchs enjoy the upper hand in the war. But their escalation pushes the Directorate to the brink, and now it will stop at nothing to destroy its enemy.

“Dangerous we can do. Nearly impossible we can do. All we need is the tiniest odds of success.”

The Directorate has perfected the art of conquest through obliteration. But humanity has advantages the Anadens do not. They are led by a woman who’s made a career of meeting the devil at the crossroads and sending him home in defeat. Caleb Marano wields a power as ancient as the universe itself. Alex Solovy manipulates the fabric of space-time at her whim. Unlike the Directorate, they fight for something greater than themselves. And now, they have one more Solovy on the team.

In the thrilling finale of Aurora Rhapsody, events rush headlong toward an explosive conclusion that will decide the fate of civilizations, and only the victor is making it out the other side.


Our universe is but a snowglobe—an experiment born of desperation and hope. The true universe is unfathomably vast, teeming with life and untold wonders. And it is enslaved.

Created by ancient aliens in a daring gambit to understand the nature of the enemy, humanity is now asked to be the savior of a universe not their own. If they are to succeed, they must rise above not only their fractious past but the sins of their genetic ancestors to boldly embrace a future they never dared imagine possible.


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Stunningly powerful end to the series, culminating in hope. G.S. Jennsen's Aurora Rhapsody series is one of the most moving science-fiction series to come out in recent years. Requiem, the end of the series (but not the universe Jennsen has crafted), is a fitting conclusion that carries on the elements that made fans fall in love with the series and even build upon them.
Throughout the earlier books, the differences between the Anadens and humanity have been relatively clear. Reqiuem makes those differences sharper, in many ways presenting the clash between the two sides as one of ideas. The Anaden's Directorate represents fear, paranoia, and stasis. Humanity represents change; at times terrifying, but always with a sense of hope enabling humans to move forward. Rather than stand alone, humanity reaches out with an open hand to the other species of Amaranthe, seeing the diversity of species not as threats to be watched or subjects to be ruled, but allies to work with and grow alongside. Reqieum is a thoroughly enjoyable, extremely well-written novel. The plot follows the previous books, and avoids any sidesteps that would take away from the novel.
And then there's the ending. I won't give away any spoilers, but the ending stays with you after you've put the book down. It ends on the highest of notes.

Magnum Opus! So it has ended..,the Aurora Rhapsody has come to a wonderful conclusion. I am so blessed I picked this author when I was looking to a new author to read. From the very first chapter of the first book I was enthralled by this author's imagination, empathy, and indescribable talent to build a story. Except is wasn't any is a Saga. A triumph of the very best creative writing endeavor I've ever known.

Masterpiece! OMG! Best series ever! And what a book to end this series! Every book was perfection but Requiem is the best. There are not enough accolades in my vocabulary to describe how good. Truly this will stand the test of time to put G.S. up there with all the greats of science fiction. You must not miss out on this nine book series. It is a masterpiece to behold.

The epitome of a conclusion. Oh boy, you guys. By the time we reached the end of Abysm, there was so much momentum that we were launched directly into the Aurora Resonant trilogy. The story had just continued building and building and building, and events in Relativity and Rubicon were such that I knew the finale in Requiem was going to be huge (not to mention the implications of a title like 'Requiem' at the end of a musically-themed series were sure to be interesting). After all of this, though, I still had no idea how the story was going to end. In the end, the finale ended up being bigger and more spectacular than I expected. I'm so glad to have been along for that ride and I can't wait to see what G.S. has in store next!

Gripping from beginning to end! f you are a AR fan get ready for the best roller coaster ride in the book world. GS Jennsen wrapped up the story of Alex and Caleb so well I felt joy, sorrow, more pain, and so much love. Requiem brings memories from the beginning to the end and wraps it all up in bow. I always feel like I am there with characters. I am always sad to say goodbye but thrilled to go on another new adventure with GS Jennsen. (As always thank you for satisfying my thirst fo the stars).

Brilliant and Beautiful Series Ender! I'm pretty sure that I read this book much faster than the other 8--but that's only because I stayed awake until almost dawn reading. This novel completes the visionary Aurora series by taking us deeper into Amaranthe with great plotting, emotional scenes, daring escapades and oh so much growth for the characters. Join the revolutionary journey by starting with Starshine. If you like actual science with your fiction, great characters, thrilling action and, brilliant plotting trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Magnificent! Well, I didn’t fall into millions of tiny pieces of stardust when I finished this trilogy of trilogies. I was sure I would, but Ms. Jennsen left me with good feelings and great hope for all the friends I had made in my journey through this magnum opus. Having 58 years of reading Science Fiction under my belt, I couldn’t believe that before reading even fifty pages of Starshine, I was smitten, mesmerized, totally captivated by this amazing new author. I find that my reaction to those first pages of Starshine never wavered, never changed. So I am going to repeat something I said earlier because it is remarkable that Ms. Jennsen carried through these qualities for all nine books: Each word, each sentence, each paragraph strikes me as “perfect fit”. Perhaps it is the flow of the narrative. It is not something that catches my attention with any other authors. I find it exhilarating! Speaking of the unexpected: the plot twists and turns are astounding; and yet it all fits------- perfectly!


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