Boulders on Bennu

An abundance of boulders litters the surface of asteroid 101955 Bennu in this dramatic close-up from the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Taken on March 28 from a distance of just 3.4 kilometers (2.1 miles) the field of view is about 50 meters across while the light colored boulder at top right is 4.8 meters tall.

Incredible to think about, isn’t it?


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Tricky Thing, Measuring the Universe

From science writer Corey Powell: “Something looks seriously wrong with our measurements of the universe. My editor challenged me to write the story so that it would make sense to any curious reader. Here's my take.”

I have thoughts on this, but there’s a decent chance I’ll write them into a story, so I should probably keep them to myself ;).


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Neutrino Beams & Black Holes

Well OF COURSE advanced civilizations could be using hyper-dense objects like neutron stars as focusing tools to send communications streaming across space on neutrino beams.

I love the quote from Freeman Dyson: “if the physics allows it, it is possibly technologically feasible.” Indeed. G. S. Jennsen's Corollary: "Just because we can't do it today doesn't mean we can't do it tomorrow." And someone else could be doing it now....


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Heaven Is A Place On Earth

…and it’s called the Tattered Cover Bookstore

By sheer coincidence, Patricia Briggs was giving a talk and reading while we were there. About 60 people were crammed into the lower-level meeting space. #MrJennsen whispered sweet nothings in my ear about how that would be me at the podium one day 😉; I pshaw'ed him, went upstairs and bought some sci-fi books with beautiful covers.⠀


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A Vision Of Our Future

Lots of big news out of Blue Origin! Jeff Bezos gave an inspirational and aspirational speech in which he laid out a far-reaching vision for getting humans, manufacturing and resource development out into the solar system. That starts with the moon, and he unveiled a new lunar lander module, secretly in development for the last 3 years, which he causally offered to NASA for use in their 2024 lunar landing plans.

Here’s an overview of the event:, or you can watch the entire presentation here (it’s worth it if you have the time):


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Hot, Hot, Hot

From NASA: “Discovery Alert: These three new planets are Qatar-8b, 9b and 10b are all gas giants like our own Jupiter and Saturn, but in such tight orbits around their parent stars that they hover between 1,457 degrees to 3,000 degrees F.”

Note: This brings the total number of confirmed exoplanet discovers to 3,949 - only 51 to go until 4K.


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Hubble Deep-Sky Mosaic

Via NASA: “This might be the most exciting “history book” we’ve ever read. Astronomers have put together the largest and most comprehensive image of the evolving universe — using 16 years’ worth of observations from Hubble. Take a peek at this deep-sky mosaic.”

Make sure and check out the short video at the link for a mind-boggling sense of scale.


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