On 'Impossible' White Dwarfs

"Astronomers Have Spotted An 'Impossible' White Dwarf": https://www.iflscience.com/space/astronomers-have-spotted-an-impossible-white-dwarf/

Of course it isn't impossible - either our scientific understanding or our scientific measurement tools, or both, aren't yet sophisticated enough to understand the object. But it's extremely cool that I included an oddity almost exactly like this in Starshine 😎:

"The Siyane hovered 1.5 megameters above the white dwarf. Deep red in color (despite the name), it pulsed at a leisurely period of thirty-six seconds. Seven different ways of measurement told her it radiated a temperature of 910 K.
“That’s not possible.”
“And that’s the fourth time you’ve said so.”
She shot him a glare. “It’s the fourth time it’s been true. The coolest white dwarf ever measured is 2440 K, and it is a helluva lot closer to the center of the damn universe than this is. A temperature so low means it’s almost as old as the Big Bang—and that is impossible.”
“Excellent.” He shrugged. “So…we go back home and win the Nobel Prize in Astrophysics?”"

Thanks to Mark Buxton for pointing me to the story!


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Cosmic Flow of the Universe

Master “plan” of the universe revealed in new galaxy maps. In the renderings, our Milky Way galaxy is a tiny speck in the midst of other galaxies and colossal voids.

It’s a compelling reminder - however big I go in my books, the scope is still just a tiny speck of dust compared to the entire universe.



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Sideways Audiobook Update

Email I received from Pyper Down today.😎 I'm sharing it here for 2 reasons:

(1) ⭐️Audiobook listeners⭐️: this means she only has 7 more chapters to record. ALMOST DONE! [UPDATE: 2 more chapters to go ;).]

(2) If you've read TSLG, you may instinctively know to what chapter she's referring. I'll just say that it's from "Nika's" POV and takes place on a certain space platform.

I'm not trying to humble-brag (though I probably am anyway, aren't I?), but I'm more proud of this chapter than I am of just about anything I've written - and it makes me giddy with happiness whenever anyone suggests that pride might be well placed.☺️


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Cyberpunk Chick & Story Bunnies

Whenever I see an image like this ("Cyberpunk Chick" by Mike Paolilli: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/QX043), my writer brain instantly goes into New Character Overdrive. Oh, the tales she and I will weave!

...except as we've covered, the LAST thing I need is new characters.🙄 So what to do?

Appearance-wise, this could almost be Perrin. But why is she sneaking around in a hood? What sort of trouble has she gotten into?

Of course, characters change their appearance all the time, and attitude/behavior-wise, this could also be another character who isn't *new* exactly...and that's all I'll say about that.


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Fun With Acronyms

One of the fun(?) aspects of spinning up a new series is giving new names to things. I have found myself in need of an acronym this morning. Without disclosing the purpose of the entity behind the acronym, so far I have such candidates as:

- MUSE (I actually like this one 😉)

...I'm not sure I remember how to do this right.🤔


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Barnes & Noble's Lifeline

Elliot bought Waterstones last year, and it's already seen a solid turnaround. The fund plans to name the Waterstones CEO as CEO of BN as well.

Who knows? Maybe BN will go back to actually being a bookstore. Crazy idea, I realize. 😏



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Is Our Universe Too Vast For Even the Most Imaginative Sci-Fi?

Thoughts? Agree, or disagree?

Of course even wild science fiction tends to be (though not always) distinctly human in character. No matter how far into the universe we one day reach, we'll still see it from a human perspective. Also, getting outside a "human" head and imagining the viewpoint of a truly *alien* alien is no easy feat. Hopefully I've accomplished it once or twice.😌

It's also true that the vast, mind-boggling distances involved are humbling. Even the 40 galaxies of the Anaden Empire, even the 16 million light-years distance to the Asterions' Gennisi Galaxy, are just a teeny tiny neighborhood of the universe. I keep going bigger, but the universe continues to stretch for what feels like infinity.



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I give you: A Geek's Guide To THE STARS LIKE GODS.🤓

The usual caveats: scenes are not necessarily chapters, the order may (but probably won't) change before release, etc.

For those of you who like to print these out, I’m providing a non-toner-depleting black and white version below as well.

Cover reveal and release date announcement coming next week!🤗

TSLG Scene Teases.jpg
TSLG Scene Teases_white.jpg

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The Quest for the Most Elusive Material in Physics

"The Quest for the Most Elusive Material in Physics" - you mean the Rasu?

It shouldn't be a huge spoiler to say that in TSLG, our Asterion friends expend some time and effort trying to decipher exactly what the Rasu *ARE*. While, don't worry, I don't go into this level of science-gasm detail, in my head I imagine that some of the experiments they run look a little like these. 😎



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Tigaer-Design (Christian Hecker) is one of the finest artists creating spacescapes and futuristic art today. This piece in particular, "Artificial," served as partial inspiration for the design of the anarchs' Post Epsilon base on Palaemon, which figured prominently in the events of Rubicon and the first half of Requiem.

You know, the post with the floating landing pads, the scene of Alex and Kennedy's first Caeles Prism test and one bar fight. 😝

You can see all his work on Art Station (https://www.artstation.com/tigaer) or Deviant Art (https://www.deviantart.com/tigaer)


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A Birthday Present

On my Birthday, I’m giving all of you a present: a fun little excerpt from THE STARS LIKE GODS, the upcoming conclusion to the Asterion Noir trilogy.


The suite two-thirds of the way up Namino Tower couldn’t fairly be categorized as isolated or neglected, which were the first two words Cameron had used to describe her destination. The lights were bright and the view out the window in the lobby pleasant.

The furniture did have the veneer of mass production, as though it had been plucked from beneath a store sign reading, ‘Buy Office Furniture Here.’ Silence hovered in the air amid a hint of staleness; it marked a stark departure from the constant bustling activity and noise of the Pavilion, and she wondered when voices had last animated the lobby.

A dyne stood behind the counter, its frame locked so rigidly she assumed it was shut down. But as she approached, it lifted its head with a squeaky flexing of its joints. “How can I help you?”

“Nika Kirumase. I’m here to see Lance Palmer.”

“He is expecting you. You may enter.”

A door across the way opened, and after taking a last dubious glance around the lobby, she walked through it.

A man lounged behind a desk. Despite the presence of at least a dozen panes arrayed above the desk, he’d kicked back his chair, wound his hands behind his head and crossed his ankles atop the desk. Tawny hair fell neatly across his forehead above sage eyes. Rolled-up sleeves exposed tanned, muscular arms. Tactical pants led to scuffed and faded combat boots, which looked rather out of place atop the office desk.

One corner of his mouth twitched into an almost-smirk. “Nika Kirumase. I figured you’d come calling eventually. Frankly, I thought it would be more sooner and not so much later.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Well, I was a little busy being psyche-wiped, leading a rebellion, fleeing from government-funded assassins and exposing a Guide-led conspiracy to conceal the existence of a deadly alien species taking over the galaxy. You know, the usual.”

Teaser Banner.jpg

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