Asterion Noir

Asterion Noir - Now Available on Apple Books

Asterion Noir - Now Available on Apple Books

Apple and I have had a difficult couple of months, and I feel fairly confident saying “it’s not me, it’s them” applies here. First, they published the The Stars Like Gods audiobook without an ‘author’ field. It’s still not showing up on my Apple author page, but you can get the audiobook here.

Then, Apple took eleven days to publish ASTERION NOIR: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION. I’ll spare you the sordid details, because now it’s available! And since you all missed out on the initial release discount, the Collection will be priced at $0.99 on Apple Books for the next two days - until October 3rd. GET IT HERE.

I apologize for the delay, and know that Apple and I will be having some conversations between now and Continuum’s release to hopefully ensure this doesn’t happen again.



ASTERION NOIR: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is now available on all major online retailers at a special release price of $0.99 for 2 days only. The Collection bundles together the three novels in the Asterion Noir trilogy (Exin Ex Machina, Of A Darker Void, The Stars Like Gods) in one ebook with a stunning new cover.


REVIEWS! If you've posted reviews for any of Exin Ex Machina, Of A Darker Void or The Stars Like Gods, please consider copying them over to Asterion Noir. If you’ve read the books but haven't posted a review, well, now's an excellent time to share your thoughts on the trilogy in one place! It's going to take a while for new readers to get through the whole trilogy, so a couple of early reviews will help a great deal in increasing visibility for Asterion Noir. You can review it on Goodreads, too! If you need help locating your already-posted reviews, just email me at You have my thanks.


Anxious for CONTINUUM: Riven Worlds Book One? The first draft is complete (I posted about it on Facebook and Instagram) and I’m deep into the weeds of editing. There’s so much I can’t wait to share with you all, but instead I’ll finish the book and let it do the sharing ;). If you’re curious about Continuum, see the blog post: “The Universe of Amaranthe Awaits” (includes spoilers for Requiem (Aurora Resonant Book Three) and Asterion Noir!).

THE STARS LIKE GODS Audiobook Is Now Available

THE STARS LIKE GODS Audiobook Is Now Available

I'm excited to announce that the THE STARS LIKE GODS audiobook is now available on Audible and Amazon. Apple is lagging a bit behind, but it should be available on Apple Books here shortly.

Experience the thrilling finale to the ASTERION NOIR trilogy as brought to life by the amazing Pyper Down…and find out what comes next :). Once you’ve finished listening to TSLG, you’ll probably want to check out this blog post for more juicy details on future books.

New to audiobooks? You can find all the Aurora Rhapsody and Asterion Noir novels in audiobook format on AmazonAudible and Apple Books, and feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

The Universe of Amaranthe Awaits

The Universe of Amaranthe Awaits

At the end of Requiem, I said ‘the story of Aurora has come to an end, but the story of Amaranthe is just beginning.’ I hope you knew I meant it.

If you’ve finished reading The Stars Like Gods, you know some of what I’m going to talk about—but stick around anyway, because there’s yet more. If you haven’t finished The Stars Like Gods, there’s a big surprise at the end of the book, and you’re about to find out what it is unless you avert your eyes right now. The choice is yours.

I’ll wait.

Okay, done waiting.




THE STARS LIKE GODS, the finale to the Asterion Noir trilogy, is now available in ebook and paperback - and the ebook is priced at $0.99 today and tomorrow only! Download the ebook from your favorite online retailer.

You can get the paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s website today, and it will be added to additional retailers in the coming weeks - find them all here. Audiobook fans, Pyper Down is already recording, so expect the audiobook version in July :).

But that’s not all. EXIN EX MACHINA, the first book in the Asterion Noir trilogy, is on sale for $0.99 as well through Saturday - so if you haven’t started Asterion Noir just yet, today is a great day to dive in. Get it from all major online retailers here.

New subscribers who are still working your way through the Aurora Rhapsody novels, you don't need to have finished Rhapsody to read Asterion Noir. While there are some historical connections between the setting of Asterion Noir and Aurora Resonant (the final Rhapsody trilogy) that long-time readers will appreciate, you won't suffer for not being familiar with that background - so feel free to take a break and hop over to this new world :).

Once you've devoured The Stars Like Gods, spread the word! Reviews are the greatest gift you can give, but posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, your own blogs, and forums are also most welcome. Here's the book's Goodreads page, too. If the book moves you, tell others about it.

With Asterion Noir wrapping up, you may be wondering what comes next. I’ll post publicly about that in a few weeks, but until then, the answer to that question lies solely at the end of The Stars Like Gods. So get to reading!

Cover Reveal/Release Date For The Stars Like Gods

Cover Reveal/Release Date For The Stars Like Gods

THE STARS LIKE GODS - the finale to the Asterion Noir trilogy - is coming your way (via all major online retailers) in ebook and paperback on JUNE 6, 2019.

When man and machine are one and the same, time moves differently.
But it runs out all the same.

The Asterion Dominion government has fallen, its rulers slain—but in the Dominion, the dead rarely stay that way. A doomsday clock rushes headlong toward the day the monstrous alien shapeshifters known as the Rasu will demand their next tribute of lives. When denied it, the Rasu will burn every Dominion world to the ground.

Unless they can be stopped.

Nika, Dashiel and their allies fight to hold onto the reigns of power even as they search for a way to defeat the enemy. Their quest will take them from barren deserts to a remote wilderness to the hidden homeworld of an ancient, mysterious species, all to uncover a secret 700,000 years in the keeping.

With everything they thought they knew now called into question and the reckoning at hand, the Asterions’ past, present and future will collide in a last daring gambit to save all three. 


700,000 years ago, the Asterions fled persecution for their pro-synthetic beliefs. In the safe harbor of a distant galaxy, they have evolved into a true biosynthetic race and built a thriving society upon the pillars of personal autonomy, mutual respect and boundless innovation.

Now that society is fracturing at the seams. Beneath lies built upon lies, the shocking truth as to why threatens the future of not merely the Asterions, but all life in the universe.

Cyberpunk and space opera collide in a thrilling new trilogy from the author of the epic Aurora Rhapsody space opera saga. Enter a world of technological wonders, exotic alien life, enthralling characters, captivating worlds—and a terrifying evil lurking in the void that will shatter it all.


Audiobook listeners, never fear - Pyper Down plans to start recording as soon as the final manuscript is ready, so expect the audiobook later this summer. THE STARS LIKE GODS already has a Goodreads page, so you can add it to your “Want To Read” shelf today. I’ll be sharing teaser quotes from TSLG as we get closer to release, so keep an eye on social media or this page.

For those of you who are still working your way through Aurora Rhapsody: first, fantastic! Second, you don’t need to finish Aurora Rhapsody to hop over to Asterion Noir, though there are some minor links between it and the final trilogy, Aurora Resonant. For an overview of Asterion Noir and how it relates to Aurora Rhapsody, check out this blog post: Introducing Asterion Noir. You can pick up the first two novels in ebook or paperback at all major online retailers worldwide and in audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.