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Announcing: Starshine 5th Anniversary Annotated Hardback

Five years ago today, I unleashed Alex on the world. At the time, I don’t think I realized the impact this one action was going to have - on my life, on hers, on the multiverses of Aurora Rhapsody.

It’s been an incredible, humbling five years, though the story behind Starshine stretches back in time for far longer - but I don’t want to rewrite my Foreword here, so without further ado: I give you the STARSHINE 5th Anniversary Annotated Hardback Special Edition (S5AAHSE). What makes it special? Well….

  • 1 beautiful dust jacketed cover with new art…

  • …wrapped around the first ever hardback printing of Starshine

  • 220 text annotations

  • 1 overly indulgent Foreword

  • 4 appendices of fun extras

  • 1 autograph

Within the annotations, learn what it was like to write the book, what I wish I’d done differently, lessons I’ve learned, funny anecdotes and a few blush-worthy secrets. The text of the novel has also been cleaned up, buffed and polished to a…shine.

The S5AAHSE - no, that’s never going to work - the Starshine Annotated Edition can be pre-ordered from my website here today! Right now! Pre-orders placed this weekend will ship in early April (unless 500 of you order copies, in which case it’s going to take an extra week or so for me to get all those in stock….).

The book will be available exclusively through my website - no retailers will be carrying it. This is for two reasons. One, so I can individually sign each copy :). Two, because this edition is not for newcomers to Aurora Rhapsody. The annotations reference events in all nine novels and most of the short stories, and if an event warrants a call-out, odds are it’s a meaningful one. If you haven’t finished reading Aurora Rhapsody yet, you risk getting spoiled in some pretty big ways - so to those of you who are still reading, I say this: carry on and enjoy the journey. This edition will still be here waiting on you when you flip the last page on Requiem.

For everyone who has flipped the last page on Requiem, revisit Alex and Caleb’s (and Miriam, Richard, Kennedy, Noah and Mia’s….) beginnings and see them in a way you haven’t before. The Starshine Annotated Edition is available for $21.99 plus shipping. I’m happy to ship internationally, though I realize the shipping costs will be a pain point. I wish I could fix that.

Today, perhaps more than any other day, I’m so thankful to each and every one of you. Thank you for allowing me to write for a living. I have to say, despite the fact that I’ve been at this for half a decade now, nothing prepared me for the effusive joy of seeing and holding my first book in hardback. So thank you for falling in love with Alex and Caleb and everyone else, and in doing so creating a world in which I get to share this very special printing with you.

*glances at the calendar* Unless something unexpected happens, the next news update should be a The Stars Like Gods release date announcement and cover reveal. :)


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Of A Darker Void Audiobook Is Now Available

I'm excited to announce that the OF A DARKER VOID audiobook, narrated by Pyper Down, is now available on Audible and Amazon, and iTunes.

New to audiobooks? You can find all the Aurora Rhapsody novels in audiobook format on AmazonAudible and iTunes, and feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.


If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll remember that back in 2016, EJ Fisch, Tammy Salyer and I put together a very special collection of the first books in our sci-fi series called FORGED FROM THE STARS. It was a limited run offering, but now (for reasons) it’s back, and this time it’s available at all major retailers. So if you haven’t been around for too long, here’s your chance to pick it up for a special re-release price of only $0.99:


Okay, so you've read Starshine. For a couple of pennies, you can also pick up two more epic science fiction adventures. AND THAT COVER. /swoon

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OF A DARKER VOID, Book 2 of the Asterion Noir trilogy, is now available in ebook and paperback. The ebook is $0.99 for TODAY ONLY, so download it now! [UPDATE: Now available on Apple Books as well]

You can get the paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s website today, and it will be added to numerous additional retailers in the coming weeks - find them all here. Audiobook fans, Pyper Down is already recording, so expect the audiobook version in January :).

But that’s not all. EXIN EX MACHINA, the first book in the Asterion Noir trilogy, is on sale for $0.99 as well - so if you haven’t started Asterion Noir just yet, today is a great day to dive in. Get it from all major online retailers here.

New subscribers who are still working your way through the Aurora Rhapsody novels, you don't need to have finished Rhapsody to read Asterion Noir. While there are some historical connections between the setting of Asterion Noir and Aurora Resonant (the final Rhapsody trilogy) that long-time readers will appreciate, you won't suffer for not being familiar with that background - so feel free to take a break and hop over to this new world :).

Once you've devoured Of A Darker Void, spread the word! Reviews are the greatest gift you can give, but posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, your own blogs, and forums are also most welcome. Here's the book's Goodreads page, too. If the book moves you, tell others about it.

Thank you for coming along with me, with Alex, and now with Nika on these many wondrous journeys :).


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Retailer News for OF A DARKER VOID, Plus Teaser Excerpts & More

Only 3 weeks until OF A DARKER VOID is in your hands. Yes, all of your hands, if you so choose - I’m happy to announce that Of A Darker Void will be available at all major online retailers on release day! Amazon, iTunes (Apple Books), Nook, Kobo, Google Play and more. This means it won’t be available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited, but even if you’re a KU subscriber, I think you’ll find the release day price amenable ;).

I’ve also begun sharing teaser excerpts (non-spoilery for Of A Darker Void, but may contain spoilers for Exin Ex Machina) on social media. Check out the first one:

She’d never been on board a ship like this one. A real starship worthy of the name, where everything from the reinforced hull to the sophisticated instrumentation created a sense of presence, of consequentiality. When a vessel of this ilk cut a swath through the void, the void noticed.

But Nicolette Hinotori had once commanded a generation ship, which meant buried in Nika’s core operating system was knowledge about the operation of such vessels.

She stood in the center of the bridge, closed her eyes and asked herself a question. Results flooded her mind, and she hurriedly initiated a sort-and-prioritize algorithm to impose order on them.

Then she gazed around the bridge with new eyes.

To see more teaser excerpts, go to this page on my website, or follow me on your favorite social media platform. Until December 3rd!

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Title & Cover Reveal + Release Date for ANR Book 2

Asterion Noir is due for another book, don’t you think? I think so. OF A DARKER VOID (Asterion Noir Book 2) will be released in ebook and paperback DECEMBER 3RD! [See the cover and description here]

More space. More cyberpunk. More Nika. More NOIR, hacking, aliens and explosions. More secrets and revelations. They will all be coming your way in a few short weeks.

I’ll be sharing further details, including retailers and spoiler-free teaser quotes, soon. Audiobook listeners, never fear - Pyper Down plans to start recording as soon as the final manuscript is ready, so expect the audiobook in very early 2019 :). OF A DARKER VOID already has a Goodreads page, so you can add it to your “Want To Read” shelf today.

For those of you who are still working your way through Aurora Rhapsody: first, fantastic! Second, you don’t need to finish Aurora Rhapsody to hop over to Asterion Noir, though there are some minor links between it and the final trilogy, Aurora Resonant. For an overview of Asterion Noir and how it relates to Aurora Rhapsody, check out this blog post: Introducing Asterion Noir. You can pick up Asterion Noir Book 1, EXIN EX MACHINA, in ebook or paperback at all major online retailers worldwide and in audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Thank you all for your patience and your support, as always.

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Choose the Name of Nika’s Ship

[UPDATE]: The poll is now closed, and the winner was Wayfarer! While Wayfarer had a small lead from the very beginning and never relinquished it, all the choices were popular! Perhaps I need some more ships....

If you’ve read Exin Ex Machina, you know that near the end of the book, Nika gets herself a lovely starship. If you’ve read Aurora Rhapsody, you know that in my books, ships tend to take on a personality (and sometimes a life) of their own. Ships are characters in their own right, and they deserve proper, meaningful names.

So here’s your chance to contribute to Asterion Noir in a cool way. [SPOILERS for Exin Ex Machina follow!]

As you’d expect, Nika and Dashiel will be spending some time on the new ship in Book 2. Like I did, they’ll decide it needs a name - and what they choose is up to you. All the options have personal meaning for Nika, so we’ve got that prerequisite covered. Your options are:

  • KIR (Nika's Artificial during the SAI Rebellion that became part of her core psyche)

  • Nova (NOir Vertsatile Adjunct /a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter)

  • Riven (to be torn or split asunder)

  • Wayfarer (traveler, or one on a journey)

Vote HERE!


As promised, a dark Asterion Noir shirt style (t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.) is now available in the Zazzle store. Check it out and lots more Aurora Rhapsody and Asterion Noir gear here.

Next time: Cover and title reveal for Book 2! And a release date? Stay tuned….

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