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the Complete Collection

AURORA RENEGADES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is packed with over 1,400 pages of epic sci-fi adventure.

Over 1,400 Pages of Sci-Fi Adventure
**3rd and final trilogy in the Aurora Rhapsody series: includes Relativity, Rubicon, Requiem + the Re/Genesis short & an exclusive excerpt from the first novel in a new trilogy, Exin Ex Machina**
Our universe is but a snowglobe--an experiment born of desperation and hope. The true universe is unfathomably vast, teeming with life and untold wonders. And it is enslaved.
Created by ancient aliens in a daring gambit to understand the nature of the enemy, humanity is now asked to be the savior of a universe not their own. If they are to succeed, they must rise above not only their fractious past but the sins of their genetic ancestors to boldly embrace a future they never dared imagine possible.


Amazing! So well written, absolutley engrossing, amongst the best I’ve ever read. A multiverse-spanning epic adventure with a love story at its heart. Fantastic.
Stunning. Captivating. Thought-provoking. Inspiring. Immerse. I could go on. It’s *that* good.


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