Aurora Renegades

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When faced with its greatest challenge, will humanity rise to triumph
or fall to ruin?

It is a time of accelerating technological change and shifting allegiances as the old rules fall away and the old balance of power is upended. A new world rises—one of unshackled AIs, indestructible starships, ethereal quantum spaces and potent new weapons—and the race is on to determine who will control its future.





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Praise for Aurora Renegades



Jennsen does it again. This trilogy within the series takes us on a journey to other amazing universes, and into the darkest hearts of humanity. The newest journey into this phenomenal universe will take the reader into realms beyond imagination as Caleb and Alex search for and find answers. G.S. Jennsen has raised the bar on storytelling. With compelling story and believable characters, she has brought the awesome back to self-published science fiction.

Series keeps getting better. My main concern after the wonderfully satisfying ending to the Aurora Rising trilogy was - can she do it again? Will the plot drag and become overdone? I was so thrilled to find that this trilogy pushed even further, with new worlds and higher stakes. I strongly recommend this rich and exciting space war saga filled with intrigue, mystery, action, romance, human/technology integration, and philosophy.

G. S. Jennsen rocks! This collection is absolutely the best. If you want love, murder, spaceships, the whole shebang then read these wonderfully written books. This is my second time reading them and can't believe I missed some wild stuff! I am so ready for the next installment.

Spectacular series. This is the 2nd trilogy in the series, and even better than the first (which was exceptional). After finishing these 3 books, my impression is that the author is somewhat of a genius, and the novels, both individually and as a series, are incredible. If you enjoy Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Heroes, espionage, cutting-edge science (lots of it!), Galactic War & Peace, aliens, Robotics, philosophy, existentialism, love stories, and the triumph of humanity, then this series is for you. It's utterly, spectacularly, brilliant.


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