Holiday Wishes & A Holiday Sale

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holidays! I won't take much of your time, so you can get back to the eggnog and leftover cookies:

  • The response to RELATIVITY has been absolutely tremendous. I love that you love Eren, Felzeor, and the wondrous and dangerous universe of Amaranthe as much as I do. If you've had the chance to finish reading Relativity, consider posting a quick review on Amazon or sharing the book on social media - you have my thanks!

  • In an overabundance of holiday spirit, I've put both Aurora Rising and Aurora Renegades: The Complete Collections on sale for $0.99 (or currency equivalent) on Amazon WORLDWIDE. The sale runs until the calendar flips to the new year, so tell your friends they have something to spend a tiny fraction of their Christmas gift cards on :).


Thank you all for an amazing year, and I look forward to sharing more of Alex and Caleb's incredible story with you all in the next one.