The Great Red Spot

This new Hubble Space Telescope view of Jupiter, taken on June 27, 2019, reveals the giant planet's trademark Great Red Spot, and a more intense color palette in the clouds swirling in Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere than seen in previous years. The colors, and their changes, provide important clues to ongoing processes in Jupiter's atmosphere. More info:


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Hubble Deep-Sky Mosaic

Via NASA: “This might be the most exciting “history book” we’ve ever read. Astronomers have put together the largest and most comprehensive image of the evolving universe — using 16 years’ worth of observations from Hubble. Take a peek at this deep-sky mosaic.”

Make sure and check out the short video at the link for a mind-boggling sense of scale.


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Hubble Fights On

“Despite recent issues with one of its instruments, the Hubble Space Telescope is expected to last at least another five years. A new report suggests that the iconic spacecraft has a strong chance of enduring through the mid-2020s.”

Let’s hope so, because (1) we love Hubble, and it’s defined our perception of the universe for a generation, and (2) the James Webb Space Telescope doesn’t appear to be much closer to launching today than it was two years ago. It holds the promise of eclipsing Hubble in a real way, but we’ve got to get it up there first.


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Triangulum Galaxy

“Hubble takes gigantic image of the Triangulum Galaxy”:

“The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured the most detailed image yet of a close neighbour of the Milky Way — the Triangulum Galaxy, a spiral galaxy located at a distance of only three million light-years. This panoramic survey of the third-largest galaxy in our Local Group of galaxies provides a mesmerising view of the 40 billion stars that make up one of the most distant objects visible to the naked eye.”

One of those 40 billion stars, of course, is host to the Kats’ homeworld, Katoikia :D.


You can download a high-res copy of the image in a variety of sizes here. Note: at full resolution, the file is a whopping 1.67GB!


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Top 10 Hubble Images of 2018

28 years of showing us the universe. All the <3 for the Hubble Space Telescope!

Top 10 Hubble Images of 2018