Sidespace Is Live

I am extremely excited to bring you SIDESPACE: Aurora Renegades Book One. It's the start of a new adventure for Alex, Caleb and everyone in Aurora, and we get to go along for the ride.

  • As the paperback is added to more sites, links will be posted here (click the "Paperback" button to see retailers).

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  • I can't wait for everyone to read Sidespace, and I truly hope you enjoy it. Of course if you do, don't be shy about it! Reviews are the greatest gift you can give, but posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, your own blogs, and forums are also most welcome.

Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm - your emails, messages, tweets and more. As I say in the Acknowledgements for Sidespace, you make this all worthwhile, every day.

But wait, there's more! I have a cover reveal for The Galaxy Chronicles:

  • The Galaxy Chronicles includes my short story, "Apogee" (revealing the fateful opening hours of the 1st Crux War, 25 years before the events of Starshine), as well as 11 other galaxy-spanning space opera tales from some of the most successful sci-fi authors writing today.

  • You can now pre-order The Galaxy Chronicles here at a special pre-release price of $1.99. It will be released on November 30th.



In February I recommended Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson. Now the Alien Hunters trilogy is available in an omnibus collection. The Alien Hunters are a ragtag team of misfits: a washed-out guitarist, a gladiator-princess with an electric whip and a bad attitude, a buggy Japanese android, a knight in shining armor from a bygone era, and a ditsy demon with a flaming pitchfork and a teddy bear. They're the oddest crew you've ever met, and yet when vicious aliens invade, they might just save the galaxy.


Raymond L. Weil (fellow The Galaxy Chronicles author) has an exciting new book, The Star Cross: For decades, humans have searched for signs of intelligent life. Now intelligent life has found them and it comes as an invader. The enemy is ruthless, powerful, and has a disdain for human life. However, even in darkness there is light. Admiral Vickers will do whatever is necessary to free Earth from the invaders, even if he has to travel to the worst hellhole in the galaxy to do it.