The Revolution

The Author's Note in Sidespace got a shiny new coat of paint for Aurora Renegades. Among a few other things, in it I say the following:

Sidespace was an independently published novel, written by one person and worked on by a small team of colleagues. Right now there are thousands of writers out there chasing this same dream.

Go to Amazon and surf until you find an author you like the sound of. Take a small chance with a few dollars and a few hours of your time. In doing so, you may be changing those authors’ lives by giving visibility to people who until recently were shut out of publishing, but who have something they need to say. It’s a revolution, and it’s waiting on you.

In the spirit of the Author's Note, Thanksgiving and the impending Christmas, Hannukah and New Year, I want to take the opportunity to express my thanks for the success I've enjoyed by spotlighting other authors.

If you're looking for new indie SFF authors to try out, the two anthologies releasing in the next week, The Galaxy Chronicles and Crime & Punishment, are a terrific place to go looking. I've recommended several of my co-authors in the past, and I'll endorse all of them now (links are to their Amazon Author pages): David Adams, Lucas Bale, S. Elliot Brandis, J.S. Collyer, Pippa DaCosta, S.W. Fairbrother, Michael Patrick Hicks, Harry Manners, Samuel Peralta, Chris Reher, Alex Roddie, Felix R. Savage, Jasper T. Scott, Matthew Alan Thyer, Nick Webb, Erik Wecks, Raymond L. Weil, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Nicholas Wilson.

Beyond the authors in these anthologies, however, over the last two years I've had the pleasure to get to know a lot of terrific indie authors.  Some of them are still struggling to gain traction and find their audience, while others are inspiring champions of indie publishing. Limited reading time means I haven't (yet) read everything they have to offer, but I do know they're fabulous people dedicated to their craft. They are writing and working their asses off without the support of a powerful publishing company or a marketing department, and they're making it work. Next time your Kindle or bookshelf starts to get a little bare, give some of them a look...and maybe find a new beloved author.

Whatever you spend your almost certainly too-limited time reading, may your holiday stockings be stuffed with wondrous worlds created by imaginative words. And as always, thanks to each and every one of you for taking this ride with me.