Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Much of the last ten days has been consumed with answering questions, making sure the site is running smoothly, and beginning the process of introducing Aurora Rising to others. But I DID manage a few tangible things:

  • New blog post: What Should Be the Foundation of a Story?
  • New Twitter account: @GSJennsen, or click the Twitter icon over in the right column
  • Blogroll added: Check it out over in the right column above the calendar. If you're at all interested in the craft of writing or the world of independent publishing, these are some terrific blogs. Hover over a link for a summary of the site.
  • Editing/writing: Part I of Starshine  is shaping up quite nicely. Also, I crafted a series of flashbacks to Alex's past, both from her perspective and those who know her, that will appear throughout the novels. Juicy stuff! 

Note: I'm working out a few RSS/subscription issues (and I call myself a Software Engineer!). Hopefully everyone who has subscribed receives their email and it isn't in binary.

Drop any comments or questions in the comment box at the bottom of the page!


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