Monday, September 23, 2013

It's been a busy two weeks; unfortunately, much of the work I can't share yet. But here's what I can share:

  • New blog post: Tools, Process and Organization, Oh My!

  • I fixed a few formatting issues on the site; those of you with 16:9 resolutions should be able to see the page quotes now :).

  • Apologies for any duplicated text in the "Updates" email; I'm still fiddling with some of the RSS settings. It will be fixed next update.

  • Part I of Starshine is DONE. In the bag. Until all the revisions when I finish the full draft and go back to the beginning, that is. Here's a teeny little no-context, spoiler-free excerpt:


—a flickerno, an absence, a dark gap in the nebular clouds, caught the corner of Caleb's eye. In a breath he shifted to full alert.

There was no logical explanation for why his senses were instantly hyper-focused and nanobot-aided adrenaline already rushed through his veins—but preternatural instincts was one reason the government paid him a rather generous salary.

He swung around to sweep the area in a broad arc, and came up empty. The sensors detected only the noise Metis radiated. Yet a moment later a well-defined void was distinctly silhouetted against a dense cloud of dust, illuminated by the pale golden glow of the Metis interior. He checked the scans again. Nada.

The sensors told him the region was empty. His eyes told him a different story. His ocular implants strained to zoom in and focus on the distant shadow; he would have a headache later.

He tensed as the silhouette solidified in his vision into the outline of an artificial constructhe’d call it a ship, but….