The Wonders of Modern Science

And then science goes and invents the one thing that you never foresaw. It's not the slightly off takes on supraluminal space travel or the funny terms for the brain-computer interface that will render my books "quaint" and "dated" in fifty years - it's stuff like this:

*shakes head* 
*makes a note to keep tabs on the progress of Alcarelle*


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Human Amplified Intelligence

The assumption that both of these developments, IA and AGI, will happen is baked into the worldbuilding of Aurora Rhapsody. Personally, I'm a fan of making ourselves smarter, but I doubt we'll abandon AI research no matter what. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep pace with synthetic intelligence enough that the singularity will be ours, not theirs.

What do you think?

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Command Deck

For the last year, this image, titled "Command Deck" by artist Krystian Biskup ( has far and away been my most popular pin on Pinterest (the background of the Requiem cover being the second-most popular).

Given that, I thought you all should get the chance to enjoy it, too. I imagine this is how Valkyrie sees a planet on the Siyane's approach.


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AI Performs Better When It Can Sleep & Dream

I knew it was a good idea to have the Asterions need to sleep. 🤗 Granted, their brains are partially organic, but this is definitely one way that the synthetic components would be designed to complement the organic ones.


(How cool is it that this image is called “robot butterflies”!)

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It's All Getting Better

A positive reminder that, though on any given day or even year it might not seem like it (and it's in the media's interest not to report it), humanity, the world, society - it's all getting better. We've made amazing progress over the last 200 years; the improvements began accelerating in the last 80 years, and a simple extrapolation from historical data suggests those curves are going to keep accelerating upward.

THIS is why we'll go to the stars. Better yet, this is why we'll deserve to. 🤗

Via Bill Gates:

More information on the data behind the graphs:…


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The Laboratory of Nanoscale Electronics and Structures sounds like something that would exist in the Aurora Rhapsody universe of 2323, doesn’t it? I’m glad to know one exists today.

As a science fiction writer, I’m well acquainted with the challenges of naming new materials and technologies. The struggle to come up with a straight-forward yet memorable name that conveys meaning without being a tongue-twister is real. Still…’excitons’ made me giggle. And possibly roll my eyes a little.



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