Sideways Audiobook Update

Email I received from Pyper Down today.😎 I'm sharing it here for 2 reasons:

(1) ⭐️Audiobook listeners⭐️: this means she only has 7 more chapters to record. ALMOST DONE! [UPDATE: 2 more chapters to go ;).]

(2) If you've read TSLG, you may instinctively know to what chapter she's referring. I'll just say that it's from "Nika's" POV and takes place on a certain space platform.

I'm not trying to humble-brag (though I probably am anyway, aren't I?), but I'm more proud of this chapter than I am of just about anything I've written - and it makes me giddy with happiness whenever anyone suggests that pride might be well placed.☺️


Originally posted on Facebook.