Aurora Renegades Book One

Humanity is saved. But its troubles are just beginning.

To achieve their extraordinary triumph over the invading Metigen armada, humanity put aside its myriad of political and social conflicts and united against a common foe intent on annihilating civilization. In victory, unparalleled peace and prosperity are theirs for the taking—if they can keep hold of them.

When the secrets behind the daring plan that defeated the Metigens begin to escape the shadows, the very people who won the war find their lives in danger. Facing anti-synthetic terrorists who want them dead, power-hungry politicians who want them chained, and a rapidly dwindling number of people they can trust, the Prevos—human/synthetic meldings who shouldn’t exist—must take their fate into their own hands, and with it the fates of everyone.

51 Portals. 51 Universes.
One mysterious gateway connecting them all.

In Aurora Rising, humanity discovered it was not alone—but few grasp the true magnitude of the discovery. Intent on learning the purpose behind the Metigens’ elaborate multiverse network, Alex Solovy, Caleb Marano and Valkyrie embark on a gripping journey through the network’s portals, each one leading to a universe not their own. In a mosaic of spaces inhabited by fantastical aliens and worlds both beautiful and deadly, they will be forced to question everything they thought they knew, including the nature of life itself.


It is a time of accelerating technological change and shifting allegiances as the old rules fall away and the old balance of power is upended. A new world rises—one of unshackled AIs, indestructible starships, ethereal quantum spaces and potent new weapons—and the race is on to determine who will control its future.


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Praise for Sidespace



No question that Jennsen is a genius. I still consider [her] to be writing some of the best space operas out there, but it goes further than that. Her characters are real people and their relationships are impressively nuanced. She balances dynamic action with witty political commentary and incredibly intelligent world-building. If you are interested in AI and the current discussion regarding our dependancy on electronics and the internet, this series is definitely for you. Jennsen’s world is one in which humans are integrated into the net, and this is the leading conflict for Sidespace. There are also aliens, romance, and age-old political grandstanding to ground the entire thing in a world that could be nothing but real. This is a great series to really sink your teeth into for the long run.

— Novel Commentary

Exciting, dazzling and mind-blowing - AWESOME book!!!!! Sidespace: Aurora Renegades was a thoroughly absorbing read that had me from the start. I loved the first trilogy, Aurora Rising, and I'm already loving the continuation of the Aurora universe with this new offering in the series. Jennsen has written a novel that both dazzles and astounds the mind of the reader and I really, really loved the book as much as I did the first trilogy. It is exciting, well written, has well developed characters, has a great plot and is set in a unique future where all things seem possible, yet very dangerous.

Excellent continuation of space adventure. Jennsen weaves political maneuvering, space exploration, conspiracies and artificially intelligent human hybrids into one helluva tale. Jennsen does what she does best: vibrant characters in bad situations that find a way to a solution that works, but no character ever gets through a book unchanged for good, bad, or both. This makes her stories and protagonists more realistic. She also does a fantastic job of teasing you by foreshadowing events in the future. The Metagen troubles, the Prevo revolution, Sidespace meetings, and war rumblings. Cool beans...

This is another great book in the Aurora series from GS Jennsen. The characters are familiar, yet each has grown. The current peace is falling apart, a new government oversight unit is causing havoc and the saviors of the recent war find themselves under attack. Meanwhile Alex and Caleb are dashing around trying to uncover the secrets of the Metigen pocket universes and, as usual, getting themselves into trouble.

Remarkable continuation of a fantastic series! Those who have not yet discovered this wonderful author and her thoughtful, imaginative, exciting, books, you people are in for an amazing ride! Jennsen's novels are not only filled with page-turning Sci-Fi excitement, but also some very thought-provoking ideas and complex relationships. She writes much more than 'Space Opera'! I've used the expression, "the thinking person's science fiction" when I recommend her book to friends, but that isn't to say that her books aren't also a rollicking good ride!

The aliens in this new book are quite remarkable. And their interaction with Jennsen's main characters, Alex and Caleb, are fascinating. Sidespace continues to expand on the theme of what it means to be, not just human (although that is certainly an important thread), but more powerfully, what it means to be sentient. And Ms. Jennsen doesn't shy away from the discussion about just who, or what, really is in control of everything.

Again, MAGNIFICENT! Having read sci-fi for over 50 years, it had never occurred to me that a new author could astonish, bedazzle, delight, and generally knock my socks off. And GS Jennsen did it again. Sidespace is the perfect beginning of this second trilogy. And as others have said, it was great to be back with the characters. Ms. Jennsen has made them all friends of mine.

Ms Jennsen’s writing flows seamlessly. Her artistry and ingenuity amaze me. She has created a universe that is almost as real to me as the one I live in. Her droll sense of humour adds the perfect touch to the action. Sidespace has laid the foundation for Aurora Renegades and has given me so much to anticipate! I cannot recommend highly enough GS Jennsen and her world of Aurora Rhapsody!

Sidespace is a great continuation of an already great adventure that started in Aurora Rising. But this time the stage sees the addition of new worlds and new species as we follow Alex and Caleb during their journey. The Trekkie in me loved this part very much, especially their visit to Ekos 2. The character are great and it was nice to meet them again... almost as meeting some good old friens. And I love when a book gives me this lovely feeling.

One of the aspects I appreciated the most is the AI side of the story and I am dying to know what the Prevos are going to do next. The closing line was just perfect!! This installment is by far my favourite in the series and I am really looking forward to know what happens next. The style is captivating and the plot just drags you into the story until you realise you reach the end and you are left with the deep urge for more.

By far the most unique book of the series. When I finished Transcendence, I was satisfied. I knew the story wasn’t over – there were plenty of hints that there was much more to come – but the Aurora Rising trilogy had been wrapped up nicely. There was something else coming, but I had no idea what it was.

Then I started reading Sidespace. At first I was thinking, “Whoa, I totally wasn’t expecting this!” but after a while that thought transformed into “Well obviously this was bound to happen!” Things happened that I would never have imagined while reading Starshine and Vertigo (and even Transcendence) but once the concepts are introduced, you realize everything has been flowing inevitably toward them the entire time. Yes, it’s a continuation of the story we’ve been reading, but there’s so much new material and you just KNOW it’s going to end up having a huge impact on both the plot and the characters.

The mystery and adventure within the pocket universes through the Metigen portal...reminded me a lot of classic, old-school sci fi with space explorers, alien life, and some sort of behind-the-scenes plot by an evil entity. We’ve once again been left with a glimpse of what’s coming next, and I’m very excited to find out what it is!


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Sidespace: Aurora Renegades Book One (Aurora Rhapsody, #4)