Choose the Name of Nika’s Ship

[UPDATE]: The poll is now closed, and the winner was Wayfarer! While Wayfarer had a small lead from the very beginning and never relinquished it, all the choices were popular! Perhaps I need some more ships....


If you’ve read Exin Ex Machina, you know that near the end of the book, Nika gets herself a lovely starship. If you’ve read Aurora Rhapsody, you know that in my books, ships tend to take on a personality (and sometimes a life) of their own. Ships are characters in their own right, and they deserve proper, meaningful names.

So here’s your chance to contribute to Asterion Noir in a cool way. [SPOILERS for Exin Ex Machina follow!]

As you’d expect, Nika and Dashiel will be spending some time on the new ship in Book 2. Like I did, they’ll decide it needs a name - and what they choose is up to you. All the options have personal meaning for Nika, so we’ve got that prerequisite covered. Your options are:

  • KIR (Nika's Artificial during the SAI Rebellion that became part of her core psyche)

  • Nova (NOir Vertsatile Adjunct /a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter)

  • Riven (to be torn or split asunder)

  • Wayfarer (traveler, or one on a journey)

The poll will close in one week (Tuesday, October 2nd at noon EST). Click the button below to vote - and don’t forget to click “submit” after you choose!



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Next time: Cover and title reveal for Book 2! And a release date? Stay tuned….