EXIN EX MACHINA, the first book in the new sci-fi trilogy Asterion Noir, is now available in ebook and paperback! Through this weekend, the ebook has a special release price of $0.99, so grab it before the price goes up :). Then take it to the beach, the lake, the park, your kid's ball game or just out on your back porch, and escape to another universe.

The Exin Ex Machina ebook will be available exclusively on Amazon (and borrowable in Kindle Unlimited) for the first 90 days. After that, my intention is to make it available on all ebook retailers - and I'll of course let you know when I do. The paperback is available only on Amazon today, but it will be added to more retailers in the coming days. Also, Pyper Down has already begun recording the audiobook; it should be available next month.

New subscribers who are still working your way through the Aurora Rhapsody novels, you don't need to have finished Rhapsody to read Exin Ex Machina. While there are some historical connections between the setting of Asterion Noir and Aurora Resonant (the final Rhapsody trilogy) that long-time readers will appreciate, you won't suffer for not being familiar with that background - so feel free to take a break and hop over to this new world :).

Once you've devoured Exin Ex Machina, spread the word! Reviews are the greatest gift you can give, but posts on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, your own blogs, and forums are also most welcome. Here's the book's Goodreads page, too. If the book moves you, tell others about it. This is a new series, and the first entry has to earn its credibility just like Starshine did. You all are a huge part of making that happen.

As ever, thank you for all your overwhelming support. Thank you for coming along with me, with Alex, and now with Nika on these many wondrous journeys :).