Retailer News for OF A DARKER VOID, Plus Teaser Excerpts & More

Only 3 weeks until OF A DARKER VOID is in your hands. Yes, all of your hands, if you so choose - I’m happy to announce that Of A Darker Void will be available at all major online retailers on release day! Amazon, iTunes (Apple Books), Nook, Kobo, Google Play and more. This means it won’t be available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited, but even if you’re a KU subscriber, I think you’ll find the release day price amenable ;).

If you want to get ready early, click your retailer of choice below and bookmark my page.



Now, I give you a bit of underground propaganda, courtesy of NOIR:


I’ve also begun sharing teaser excerpts (non-spoilery for Of A Darker Void, but may contain spoilers for Exin Ex Machina) on social media. Check out the first one:

She’d never been on board a ship like this one. A real starship worthy of the name, where everything from the reinforced hull to the sophisticated instrumentation created a sense of presence, of consequentiality. When a vessel of this ilk cut a swath through the void, the void noticed.
But Nicolette Hinotori had once commanded a generation ship, which meant buried in Nika’s core operating system was knowledge about the operation of such vessels.
She stood in the center of the bridge, closed her eyes and asked herself a question. Results flooded her mind, and she hurriedly initiated a sort-and-prioritize algorithm to impose order on them.
Then she gazed around the bridge with new eyes.

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Until December 3rd!