Introducing ASTERION NOIR, & A New Look For The Website

Now it really is the other side of the new year, and with it comes new things: a new look for the website and an introduction to a new series.

GSJENNSEN.COM has gotten a visual upgrade, new content and better organized, easier-to-find content. I'm very excited about the new look, but improvements can always be made, so take a stroll around the website and let me know what you think of the redesign.

If you've finished Requiem, you know that my next series will be a trilogy titled ASTERION NOIR, and Book 1, EXIN EX MACHINA, will be coming your way later this year. I have a new blog post today filled to the brim with Asterion Noir goodness, including an Exin Ex Machina blurb and cover reveal, plus some additional background for Aurora Rhapsody afficionados. It concludes with some sentimental musings about the journey that has been Aurora Rhapsody. Don't miss this one: "Introducing Asterion Noir."