RUBICON Audiobook Now Available (Plus, a Cover Contest)

The RUBICON audiobook is out and available on Amazon and Audible. When it goes live on iTunes, I'll update this post with a link - or you can find it here. UPDATE: It's now available on iTunes as well.

What I said about the novel is worth repeating now for those about to dive into it:

Rubicon is a war novel, but because of its flashy space battles (which do happen). It conveys the personal cost of war, and the question of what is truly required to win one. It tackles the morality of hard choices made and the consequences they wreak. It embraces hope, family, forgiveness and the power that comes from believing nothing is impossible - then acting on that belief. It also brings to culmination the second most important story arc of the series and delivers more than one dramatic revelation.

And now, all this is brought to life by Pyper Down's incredible talent. I believe you are in for a real treat :).

New to audiobooks? You can find all the Aurora Rhapsody novels on Amazon, Audible and iTunes, and feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.




Speaking of Rubicon - it has been shortlisted for Cover of the Month at As I post this, it's #2 in the tally - so if you love the cover, I would greatly appreciate a vote for it! You can go here to vote (you do have to sign up/log in, but I've found it to be an excellent, non-spammy site). Thanks in advance!