Rubicon Updates, Requiem Cover & More

I'm thrilled to share an early look at the final cover for REQUIEM (Aurora Resonant Book Three, Aurora Rhapsody #9), which will be available later this year:


In case it wasn't clear before now, I did tell you where this series was going from the beginning. From the very first words, in fact.

Words can be tricky things, though. I should know - it's my job to craft, mold, twist and turn them until they tell a meaningful, compelling story in a memorable way. With that in mind - and to hopefully ease yours - I offer you some brief musings on the word requiem’ in a new blog post: A Word About A Word.

Also, the Requiem word meter is up and running in the sidebar on the website, so you can keep track of its progress over the next several months.



RUBICON enjoyed the best release day and weekend of any Aurora Rhapsody book to date. There is no doubt your post shares, passionate endorsements, beautiful reviews, and effusive enthusiasm played a huge role in making this happen. For that, I say:


Your response to Rubicon has been tremendous. With every book, I think the reviews can't get any more beautiful or humbling; with every book you prove me wrong. And feel free to continue doing so - if you haven't posted a review yet, I would love to see your thoughts on Amazon / Goodreads. If you haven't had a chance to get the book yet, by all means!

Other news:

  • If you live in the UK, most of my paperbacks are now available on the Waterstones website, and I expect the rest to appear there shortly.
  • A pithy comment on Facebook grew into a meme, then by request morphed into a bumper sticker. I give you the theme of Aurora Rhapsody captured in a single sentence, now available in physical, sticky-back form for a few pennies here (US) and here (UK).

Now, I have an epic conclusion to write - I should get on that.