DISSONANCE Audiobook Available, New Interviews & an Update on ABYSM

The DISSONANCE audiobook is now available on Amazon and Audible and iTunes.


Yet again, all my thanks to Pyper Down for giving another fabulous performance - in my opinion, her best yet. At this point she understands the characters nearly as well as I do, and she brings them to life with both incredible flair and wonderful nuance. Spoiler: she's already penciled Abysm in on her calendar, and for not terribly long from now, because....

If you've been checking in on the Word Meter in the sidebar since Dissonance came out, you already know that Abysm arrived with a righteous head of steam and hasn't let up. I've never had a book imprint itself on the page so quickly and effortlessly. So that graphic on the landing page with the date banners over the forthcoming books? I might have just changed Abysm's banner from Fall to Summer 2016 :).

Even with all the writing, I've squeezed in a couple of jaunts around the internet the last few weeks:


Salus, the sequel to Chad Ganske's compelling sci-fi debut, Idyllic Avenue, is now available. Last year I was honored to be able to blurb Idyllic Avenue. As I said then: "Ganske delivers a haunting, intensely personal tale of a dystopian society stratified along harsh, inescapable lines, and the determination of a people facing extinction to change their fate."

Salus: Idyllic Avenue 2.0: Permanent midnight has arrived. Ultim’s twin suns have burnt out, forcing the genetically elite to take shelter in the protective bio-dome, Salus, & leave whole segments of the population to die. As battle lines are drawn in the nuclear ash, Stanford Samuels must face his personal demons & embark on a desperate quest to find his missing child, while under the cloak of unending night, a mysterious organism casts doubt on who holds the true power on the dark planet.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have a book yelling at me, demanding to be finished.