APOGEE and SOLATIUM Now Available, DISSONANCE Behind the Scenes & More

The two most recent Aurora Rhapsody short stories, APOGEE and SOLATIUM, are now available as stand-alone short stories on Amazon, for $0.99 each. Follow the links! APOGEESOLATIUM.

If you haven't read them in their respective anthologies yet, I highly encourage you to read them now. (And if you have read them, a quick little review of the stand-alone stories would be most welcome.) 

  • As I talk about at greater length in today's blog post, Solatium is a compelling look at Mia's origins as well as a rollicking Caleb-and-Samuel buddy action-comedy. I think you'll really enjoy it.

  • Apogee, however, is important - so important I'm labeling it Aurora Rhapsody #4.5. I'm not calling it required reading, as you'll get the bare facts in Dissonance, but it's damn close. The events of Apogee have a profound impact on the characters in Dissonance, and you'll be missing out if you lack the wonderful nuance and perspective of the story itself.

I have a new blog post today: Behind the Scenes With This Writer, Aurora Rhapsody - and Dissonance. And while it includes the fun reveals and trivia you've come to expect from a "Behind the Scenes" post, it's a lot more as well: a brief retrospective, a look at the current state of the Aurora Rhapsody world, and a personal statement of gratitude. Give it a read :).

I'll be running a giveaway over on Goodreads for 5 paperback copies of Dissonance starting Monday. You can't enter until the 21st (not up to me), but bookmark it and enter next week: Giveaway. The contest ends on release day, April 2nd. [EDIT]: Here's the entry widget!

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That's all the announcements for today - all the good stuff is over in the blog post. Two weeks until DISSONANCE!