Giveaway: Win the SIDESPACE Audiobook, Plus All 3 Aurora Rising Audiobooks

The SIDESPACE audiobook is "headed to retail" - which means it should be available in the next 5-7 days. To celebrate its release, I'm giving away 5 copies each of all 4 audiobooks: StarshineVertigoTranscendence and Sidespace.

  • The contest ends at midnight on Sunday, February 7th, which hopefully will more or less coincide with the arrival of the Sidespace audiobook.

  • If you already own some or all of the Aurora Rising audiobooks, enter anyway! If you win, you can choose to decline the codes for individual books, or you can send the codes to a friend you think will enjoy the books.

  • The codes work on (including via Amazon), but you don't need to be an Audible member or even sign up for a free trial in order to use them (you do need an Amazon or Audible account).

  • Use the widget below to enter or go to the standalone contest page here. EDIT: The contest is over. The winners have been emailed and are listed in the widget below.



One of the ways to enter is by commenting on this post (be sure to choose that option on the contest widget - a comment without a matching entry can't count!): 

  • What was the first sci-fi book you read - or the most recent one? Alternatively, what do you love most about sci-fi over other genres? Feel free to share more thoughts, too.


That's all the news today - other than to say Dissonance is speeding headlong through editing toward completion like it has someplace it needs to be, and Forged From The Stars will be out in just two weeks :).