RE/GENESIS Now Available (Free), RELATIVITY Paperback Giveaway & More

RE/GENESIS, an Aurora Rhapsody short story that appeared this fall in the anthology Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy's Edge, is now available as a standalone story - and it joins all my other short stories as FREE on Amazon (in the U.S., possibly elsewhere), Nook, Google Play and Wattpad. In addition, you can download it directly (.mobi, .epub or PDF) or read it right here on the website.

  • If you've already read Re/Genesis, consider taking a moment and leaving a quick review. It's a short story, and a similarly short review is all I ask. Thanks in advance!

  • Why have I made it this drop-dead easy for you to read Re/Genesis? Because it serves as a bridge between Abysm and Relativity, and the events it portrays will play a vital role in the unfolding story of Aurora Resonant. So read it before Relativity gets here - you won't regret it.


In a future too distant to measure, a hyper-evolved breed of humans calling themselves Anadens rule multiple galaxies and alien species with an iron fist. But a small group of dissidents are willing to pursue any and all measures, no matter how extreme, to return freedom to the universe. Now one rebel Anaden will make the ultimate sacrifice in order to break the reigning Directorate’s stranglehold on civilization—however many times it takes.

Set just prior to the events of Relativity: Aurora Resonant Book One, RE/GENESIS pulls back the veil on the universe of Amaranthe, where the fate of all living beings—human, alien and synthetic—will soon be decided.



More news about RELATIVITY's upcoming release:

  • I'm giving away FIVE COPIES of the RELATIVITY paperback over on Goodreads. The contest ends Dec. 15th (just before release), so head over to the contest page and enter today (U.S. only; apologies to my international readers).

  • Teaser quotes for Relativity continue to leak out (because I'm posting them ;) ). Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites to see them as they're released.

Eighteen days and counting.