The Art That Inspired The Worlds of Aurora Rising

We're going to be visiting a lot of new worlds in Aurora Renegades. While we're by no means leaving the planets back home in Aurora behind, now that Aurora Rising is complete I thought I'd share some of the spacescapes and futuristic art* that I drew on for inspiration in crafting the varied colonized worlds visited in Aurora Rising - for your enjoyment and as a 'thank you' to the fantastic artists who help fuel my imagination.

The links go to Deviant Art pages (you don't need an account to view the images on DA), where you can see the pieces in gorgeous high resolution and learn more about their creation. If you particularly enjoy a piece and are a DA member, show your appreciation by favoriting it, following the artist, or even leaving a comment.

* Disclaimer: All pieces shown are the intellectual property of the artists, and in no way whatsoever belong to me, nor should they be considered official art of Aurora Rising. These are only a handful of the hundreds of pieces I turned to for inspiration.



Elegant, sleek architecture dominates this new, thriving city centered around the beautiful Lake Fuori and the river of the same name.



One word describes Romane best: sophistication. Long evenings of lavender double-sunsets lend subtlety to the gleaming skyline.


From expensive, glittering restaurants to gaudy excesses to a seedy, crowded underbelly, on Pandora everything goes and anything is possible.


Chaotic and dangerous, New Babel lurks under the constant haze of the nebula that hides it.


Understated architecture compliment the natural beauty of lush, rolling hills and winding waterways.


Atlantis, the consummate beachfront escape, contrasts markedly with Messium, a colony dedicated to industry and progress.


The beauty the region is known for today remains 300 years in the future, albeit within an ever-growing cityscape.


The largest continuous metropolitan area in settled space, the Northeastern Seaboard stretches from Boston south to Norfolk in an uninterrupted urban landscape.


I wanted to also share pics of various starship concepts, futuristic interiors and extra-planetary locations, but this is already so many pictures. Maybe next time ;).