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The Art That Inspired The Worlds of Aurora Rising

We're going to be visiting a lot of new worlds in Aurora Renegades. While we're by no means leaving the planets back home in Aurora behind, now that Aurora Rising is complete I thought I'd share some of the spacescapes and futuristic art* that I drew on for inspiration in imagining the varied colonized worlds visited in Aurora Rising - for your enjoyment and as a 'thank you' to the fantastic artists who help fuel my imagination.

The links go to Deviant Art pages (you don't need an account to view the images on DA), where you can see the pieces in gorgeous high resolution and learn more about their creation. If you particularly enjoy a piece and are a DA member, show your appreciation by favoriting it, following the artist, or even leaving a comment.

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A Confession, A Reveal, and A Promise

I am a bad person.

Now, hopefully this will come as a surprise to most of you. Some of you, perhaps not so much ;).

MY CONFESSION: After Starshine was published, amidst much angst over its cliffhanger ending, I said the following: “Aurora Rising is the story. Starshine represents Act I in what is, in effect, a 3-act play in novel form.”

It wasn’t a lie—but it also wasn’t the entirety of the truth. It was very important to me that Aurora Rising be a self-contained, fulfilling story that will forever stand on its own. Aside from the obvious reasons, early on I didn’t know if I’d have the time, finances or will to continue writing beyond it. But after a year and thanks to all you amazing people the three novels of the Aurora Rising trilogy have—from my perspective—done phenomenally well both in sales and in critical praise from the readers. By any standards I can find, Hypernova Publishing and the Aurora Rising trilogy are blockbusters in the indie publishing world and there is no way I am going to stop now.

So here’s the entirety of the truth.

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Interview With Caleb Marano and Noah Terrage


You have been warned.



One Month After the End of the Metigen War

Reporter: “Excuse me, gentlemen—excuse me. Do you have a moment to answer a few questions? For the public?”

(Caleb Marano glances over his shoulder as he and Noah Terrage pass the man on the street.)

Caleb: “Sorry, we’re in a hurry.”

Reporter: “Please, I’ll only take a minute of your time.”

(Caleb stops and turns around. With a visible sigh Noah joins him.)

Caleb: “All right—a minute. As in one.”

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Behind the Scenes With Transcendence

So, all the possible excerpts from Transcendence are spoilers - AND PAYOFFS. Even the first chapter, which is why it won’t be posted here until the book’s available. I am releasing teaser quotes, though, with increasing frequency as release day approaches. See them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr or here on the site.

Behind the Scenes with Vertigo was a popular post, so I thought I’d reprise it for Transcendence, with some fresh twists. Facts, trivia and deep dark secrets follow.


Like Starshine and Vertigo, Transcendence will be divided into four parts, titled and quoted thusly:

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The Long Way Around to a Book in Your Hands

I know you guys are sitting there looking at Transcendence’s full word meter and wondering why the heck the book isn't out yet—a perfectly valid and understandable question.*

So I thought it would be fun (for me, hopefully for you-I promise there is humor) to walk through how my books get from idea to publication. Every person’s process is different and intensely personal to them, but this one is my own.


1.  Outline the outlines (aka, make pretty graphs)

I spend a lot of time outlining, and in different ways:

  • What happens in what order?
  • What happens where in what order?
  • What happens to whom in what order?
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