Transcendence Audiobook Now Available, Plus Restless Now Free

I couldn't have timed it better if I'd tried (okay, I DID try). The Transcendence audiobook is now available on Amazon and Audible. iTunes will follow in the next few days - I'll update this post with the link when it's available. UPDATE: Here's the iTunes link.

  • The winners in the giveaway of the trilogy audiobooks have been chosen and notified, so if your name's displayed on the widget, check your email!

  • Right now, the Transcendence audiobook is only $3.47 on Amazon if you already own the Kindle version. I can't guarantee it will stay that way (it's out of my control), so you might want to jump on that deal. Go here to grab it.

  • Want to catch up? Here are the links to the Starshine and Vertigo audiobooks (note: they may also be discounted on Amazon if you own the Kindle version):

In other news, Restless, the short story prequel to Aurora Rising, is now FREE on Amazon and other retailers. If you haven't picked it up before now, you're out of excuses. To celebrate its freedom, it also has a shiny new cover:



Finally, a personal note of thanks to Pyper Down for her absolutely fabulous performances on all three audiobooks in the Aurora Rising trilogy. She truly brings Alex, Caleb and the rest of the cast to life in a way I never could have imagined, and her depictions of them will now forever be their voices in my head.