Transcendence Is Live

It is my tremendous honor to bring you the conclusion to the Aurora Rising trilogy: TRANSCENDENCE.

  • Transcendence is available for purchase in ebook and paperback on Outside the U.S.? This link will take you to the book on your Amazon International site.

  • As the paperback is added to more sites, links will be posted here. If you're on Goodreads, the Transcendence page is here.

  • If you are planning on purchasing the Transcendence ebook, please consider swinging by Amazon and clicking "Buy" today. Release day sales will help a tremendous amount in the short-term and long-term success of the novel.

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  • I am thrilled beyond measure for everyone to finally be able to read Transcendence, and I truly hope you enjoy it. Of course if you do, don't be shy about it! Reviews are the greatest gift you can give, but tweets, posts on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, your own blogs, and forums are also most welcome.

Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm - your emails, messages, tweets and more. You've made it possible for me to tell this story, and the next one.


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