Audiobook Release! Plus, Alex & Caleb Tell All, & Tracking Vertigo Progress

We had a terrific time at Denver Comic Con last week, and came away with art, autographs, and many business cards :).

  • I'm thrilled to announce the release of audiobook for Starshine, narrated by the wonderful Pyper Down. You can get on Amazon or directly from Audible. It should be available on iTunes within the next few days (I'll update this post with a link once it's posted).

  • New blog post: A Conversation with the Intrepid Heroes of Starshine. I had entirely too much fun writing this, so I hope you enjoy it! (As an aside, while it is my policy to take all criticism seriously, Alex has a more cavalier attitude....)

  • You might notice a new widget over in the sidebar. In the interest of accountability and lovely purple bars, I've added a Vertigo word count progress meter. The total is based on Starshine's word count so actual results may vary, but it seemed as valid a goal as any. Below it is an editing progress meter, lest anyone think the work was done once the words were written ;).

  • Starshine is now available on Smashwords, primarily because of their recently announced deal to distribute indie ebooks to libraries - which is just cool. Via Smashwords it can also be found on the Oyster and Scribd subscription services.

  • If you purchased the Kindle version of Starshine from Amazon and have automatic updating enabled, your copy should now have updated to include the Dramatis Personae and Vertigo excerpt.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm summer weather (or cold winter weather in the case of my Australian friends). I should go hiking...but only if I can write while I do!


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