iTunes, Audiobook, Interview & 5 Quirky Things

Here in beautiful Colorado, we foolishly assumed spring had at last arrived on account of the 70+ degree temperatures last week. We were wrong, as evidenced by the snow currently coating the back yard. It's never boring in Colorado.

  • First, welcome to all the new subscribers who have signed up since finishing Starshine. It's great to have you here :).

  • New blog post, 5 Things I Learned Writing (and Publishing) Starshine. Give this one a read, I think it's worth your time.

  • Starshine is now available on iTunes! I'll spare you the tale of woe which caused it to take 7 weeks and simply say - check it out for your iPad or iPhone.

  • The paperback is now available on the Barnes & Noble site, as well as all Amazon's international sites except Brazil, Mexico and Australia. It is available in Australia, however, at Angus & Robertson and other online retailers.

  • Audiobook production is well underway. If you're a fan of listening to books in the car, the train or at the gym, I think you'll enjoy it when it's released.

  • I'm interviewed on Maer Wilson's awesome blog today. Head over for some amusing tales about me, writing and more.

  • Remember, you can help promote Starshine in just a few seconds by voting in Cover Wars and on Goodreads Lists. Tweets and FB posts are always welcome, too.

General good news announcement: Starshine has already sold well enough* to enable me to cut way back on paid editing and programming jobs (to essentially zero) and write full-time for the foreseeable future. I haven't made enough to buy a Ferrari or even take a vacation to the Caribbean - we're still utterly normal people with a house in suburbia and a leaking basement (don't ask) - but it does mean Aurora Rising gets my undivided attention. It is my hope this will result in even better novels, sooner, with more flair :).

* When added to my husband's hard-earned and well-deserved engineer salary, naturally.