Friday, April 4, 2014

It has been an incredible ten days.

  • Starshine is currently #11 on the Amazon Bestsellers List in Sci-Fi—Space Opera, #4 in Sci-Fi—Space Exploration and #75 [Edit: #67!] in all Science Fiction. It is #20 on Amazon's Hot New Releases in Science Fiction, #6 in Sci-Fi—Space Opera, and #12 in Sci-Fi—Adventure. Which is...AMAZING. I am overwhelmed with joy (you can tell from the dancing...if you could see the dancing, that is). You can find everywhere Starshine is available here.

  • I talk about how these thrilling numbers came about in a new blog post, A Singular Day. Future posts will focus on the world of Aurora Rising, the characters and the story, but I wanted to share this more personal post with you all today.

  • Reviews are starting to trickle in (thus far all delightful 5 stars), which give a tremendous boost to Starshine's legitimacy and encourage browsers to take a chance on it. If you enjoy the novel, please consider leaving a review on (it will show up on the international sites), or secondarily Goodreads, and even share it on your social media platform of choice. I don't have the marketing power of a big publishing company behind me to get the word out—there's only me, my husband, and you guys :).

  • About that marketing:

    • Vote for Starshine in the AuthorsDB 2014 Cover Contest here.

    • The novel has been featured on Indie Spotlight, and Suvudu.

    • It has a dedicated page on Shelfari which includes quotes, a glossary of technical terms and character and location profiles. Feel free to add your favorite quotes to the collection! And since Shelfari is owned by Amazon, the "Book Extras" posted there will be available on your Kindle.

  • I've added a Media Kit to the website. It can be found under the "About" menu (and via a link on the right sidebar). It contains all the relevant information and images for Starshine, Hypernova Publishing and me in one place.

  • I gave in to the trend and created a Pinterest page. In addition to the images found here, it includes many of my favorite spacescapes by other artists. I'm still new to it, but if you're active on Pinterest send me a follow, and I'll happily follow back.

  • Finally—if there has been one near-universal response from people who have finished Starshine, it is "Where the **** is Book Two!?" A good reaction to engender, all things considered, and one I totally understand! I don't have a time frame to share just yet, but know that you have been heard ;).

Thank you so much for all the support, encouragement and enthusiasm; it means the world to me. Most of all, thank you for loving the book!

[EDIT: Right after this post went live (and the newsletter went out), all the Amazon charts updated, and I've edited the post to reflect the new numbers...well, because they're even better!]