Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OKAY. Let's publish a book, shall we?

  • SUBSCRIBERS: You will get an email this Friday or (more likely) Saturday with a link and instructions on how to download your FREE Special Edition Starshine eBook :). Why a Special Edition? As thanks for all your support and encouragement, of course!

  • Barring apocalyptic events, the Starshine eBook will be available next Tuesday, March 25th on Amazon (including all international sites), Barnes&Noble/Nook, Google Play and Kobo (Apple is notoriously slow in its publishing process, so it may not be available on iTunes until later in the week) for $3.99 (or equivalent foreign currency).

  • The Starshine paperback will also be available Tuesday, March 25th on Amazon, Amazon Europe, and the Createspace eStore. I don't know the price yet, but if you purchase the paperback you will be able to get the Kindle eBook for free.


Note: I SAY it will be available Tuesday, but I am beholden to the whim of website processing and updating. It may be live within minutes of hitting "publish," but most of the sites claim it can take up to 4 days. :grumble: I hope to approve everything in time for it all to be live by Tuesday.

  • I will post on Tuesday with links to everywhere the book is live. I will also be pursuing additional publishing channels in short order, so if you have any cool book sites you like to frequent, let me know.

  • Hmm, I believe I promised a reveal with this update, didn't I? Here you go: Titles and covers for the remainder of the trilogy! (click image for larger version)



Aurora Rising Book One


Aurora Rising Book Two


Aurora Rising Book Three

(Also available in the Official Art Gallery)

  • More new media: Hastily taken snapshots of the Starshine paperback proof (color me ecstatic) and the non-snapshotted back cover of the paperback (click images for larger versions):



No excerpt today (you'll be reading it in just a few days, right?). But for fun, and since the topic has come up in conversation, I thought I'd share the music playlist that helped write Starshine:

  • Foo Fighters (multi-album playlist). Highlights: The Deepest Blues Are Black*, Long Road to Ruin*, No Way Back*, DOA*, Cold Day in the Sun, Walk, But Honestly, Halo, Times Like These, Learn to Fly, Have It All, Everlong

  • Snow Patrol (multi-album playlist). Highlights: Run*, Fallen Empires, It's Beginning to Get to Me, The Lightning Strike, Set Fire to the Third Bar, Chasing Cars, Open Your Eyes, Make This Go on Forever, Punishment (Tired Pony)

  • Muse (Live at Rome Olympic Stadium). Highlights: Starlight*, Madness*, Follow Me, Resistance, Uprising, Supermassive Black Hole

  • Linkin Park (multi-album playlist). Highlights: Robot Boy*, When They Come For Me, Waiting For the End, Castle of Glass, Iridescent

  • Two Steps From Hell (Invincible). Highlights: Am I Not Human?, Hypnotica, Tristan, Undying Love, Black Blade, Protectors of the Earth, Invincible

  • Who knows, perhaps you'll find one of these playing in your head as you read a notable scene (hint: it'll probably be one of the '*' songs).


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