Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome to 2014! It is going to be quite the interesting year around here, I can guarantee that much. Lest you think I had forgotten about this little project, quite the opposite:

  • Editing is...proceeding. Considering the structure and value of every sentence is, it turns out, a time-consuming process. Who knew? The sage advice instructs me to slow down, not rush, and get it right; and thus I shall. But I am so eager to share Starshine with the world, preferably yesterday.

  • New blog post: My Kingdom For A Crystal Ball

  • Aurora Rising now has its own Google+ Page. Most of the items posted there will also be available here, but feel free to share the posts with your own circles and such :).

  • The RSS button on the right will now give you a feed of both News and Blog postings. I know a lot of techies have written RSS' obituary, but I couldn't imagine consuming the internet without it.

  • I've added some fun concept art to the gallery, the first two items in what I affectionately call the "Propaganda Collection":

Official Earth Alliance Logo

Official Senecan Federation Logo

  • Yes, the newsletter has changed design once more. Crafting a fully-custom newsletter that looks proper and attractive in every email client and web browser was an exercise in insanity, a truth which I have now conceded.

  • Excerpt? Sure, why not!


“Sir, if I may, there is one additional matter we should discuss.”

If Brennon was taken aback by the interruption, he gave no sign of it. “Certainly, Admiral.”

Miriam Solovy looked around at the others. “Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious, as I don’t often have the opportunity to attend these meetings, but the information I’m about to share cannot leave this room.”

He had a deep suspicion as to the nature of the information and quickly made an effort to deflect it. “Admiral, if this information is so sensitive perhaps it would be better if it were handled offline, with a smaller group?”

Her gaze turned to him, and he felt a faint shiver run down his spine. “Is this not the Select Military Advisory Council? Is this not the most secure location in Alliance space? I was under the impression there was no ‘smaller group’ with which to consult.”

“It is all of those things. Nevertheless, it might be more—”

Brennon’s hand extended out over the table. “She’s correct. We are all trustworthy here. Let her speak.”

Puta madre.

“Thank you, Prime Minister. The images I’m about to show you were taken [redacted] just over one week ago….”


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