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The Aurora Rhapsody “trilogy-of-trilogies” and the Asterion Noir trilogy are separate series that take place within the same universe. In the forthcoming series, Riven Worlds, the characters and societies of both come together to fight an intergalactic menace that neither can defeat alone. This means you can read either Aurora Rhapsody or Asterion Noir first, but you’ll want to have read them both before you pick up Riven Worlds. The first Riven Worlds book, CONTINUUM, will be released this winter.

You can learn much more about Aurora Rhapsody here and Asterion Noir here (or click the links in the menu). Aurora Rhapsody is a grand space opera adventure that begins close to home and a mere several hundred years in the future. Asterion Noir is cyberpunk-flavored space opera, and it takes place in a distant galaxy and a society far removed from our own. How do such disparate worlds end up coming together? Read the books and find out!

So what is “Amaranthe,” then? It’s the name of the overarching book series, as well as the name of the meta-universe in which the books take place.