RUBICON Is Live, & Aurora Rhapsody On Sale

RUBICON: Aurora Resonant Book Two is now available in ebook and paperback on Amazon worldwide. The ebook is available at a special release price of $0.99 through Monday, so grab it before it moves to its regular price - the sooner the better, as release-day sales matter a great deal.


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* Pyper Down has already started recording the audiobook - look for it in July!

* Don't have a Kindle but prefer ebooks to paperbacks? Find Kindle apps for your tablet/phone, PC, Mac & the cloud here. If you read ebooks some other way, email me.

Rubicon is a very special book for me, and I hope it will be for you as well. It's a war novel, but not because of its flashy space battles (which do happen). It conveys the personal cost of war, and the question of what is truly required to win one. It tackles the morality of hard choices made and the consequences they wreak. It embraces hope, family, forgiveness and the power that comes from believing nothing is impossible - then acting on that belief. It also brings to culmination the second most important story arc of the series and delivers more than one dramatic revelation. So enjoy!




* To celebrate the Rubicon release, ALL THE AURORA RHAPSODY BOOKS ARE ON SALE FOR $0.99 through Monday: Starshine, Vertigo, Transcendence, Sidespace, Dissonance, Abysm and Relativity.

* You can find them all in one place on the Amazon Aurora Rhapsody series page.

* This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who's interested in reading the series to jump in, so spread the word.



I want to thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm, for your messages, reviews and social media shares. Thank you for coming along for the ride on this epic, occasionally insane journey :).