Starshine Is Free & Other Outlandish Notions

I admit, there was a time when I thought I would never, ever make Starshine free. It was my beloved, my baby, my most treasured creation, the raison d'être of my career. And it remains all of those things.

So why is it now available for free? Because I believe in the Aurora Rhapsody saga. I believe in it so fervently that I want to remove every single solitary barrier to a reader discovering it - which is why the ebook isn't just free, it's available on all major ebook retailers. It's free in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, India, and probably more countries I can't track. Companies offer free trials to customers when they believe in the quality of their products enough to pull back the curtain and let the world look under the hood. This is no different. I'm inviting everyone to the adventure, no risk, no catch, because I believe once they're on board, they'll never leave.

AND, on the off chance that 155K words isn't enough to seal the deal, new readers who subscribe to my website will get the Vertigo ebook for free. So share the links below with your fellow science fiction fans and your irascible uncle. Requiem is coming soon, but there's no finale without the journey that leads to it.



For the record, Requiem now owns me, heart and soul. Before the end of the year, I plan for it to own you, too.