Exclusive Interview With Admiral Miriam Solovy

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It's the fun-loving, adorable Miriam Solovy doing what she enjoys most, gabbing with the press and the public! *melts under Miriam's glare*

Kidding. But though I'm picking on her, Miriam has actually turned out to be one of the most popular characters in Aurora Rising, ranking as a strong reader favorite - after Alex and Caleb of course, and a smidge ahead of Noah. So enjoy Miriam at her finest (with a special guest appearance by Richard).


(This interview takes place immediately following the events of VERTIGO: Aurora Rising Book Two.)

Reporter: “I’m here today with Earth Alliance Fleet Admiral Miriam Solovy. First, allow me to congratulate you on the promotion. We haven’t had a Fleet Admiral since the early months of the First Crux War 26 years ago.

What are your thoughts about stepping into the most powerful military role in the galaxy?”

Miriam: “I’m honored the Prime Minister believes I am up to the task and determined to use the authority to ensure we defeat the Metigen invaders as quickly and completely as possible.”

Reporter: “You were named Fleet Admiral in the wake of a number of momentous events. The last week has seen the reappointment of Steven Brennon as Prime Minister, the signing of a peace treaty with the Senecan Federation, the discovery of a widespread conspiracy—what people are already calling the ‘Aguirre Conspiracy’—to foment war with the Federation and the escalation of the war with the Metigens. How do you feel about all this?”

Miriam: “How I ‘feel’ about any of it is irrelevant. This is a military institution, not a spiritual retreat. I think peace with the Federation was the correct choice, Prime Minister Brennon is the best man for the job, speculation on this conspiracy would do well to hold its tongue until the full facts are brought to light, and it’s past time for the war against the Metigens to escalate.”

Reporter: “Well, um, thank you for your candor. Can you respond to rumors your predecessor as Chairman of Earth Alliance Strategic Command, General Liam O’Connell, was involved in the Aguirre Conspiracy and is currently AWOL?”

Miriam: “No.”

Reporter: “No, he is not those things, or no, you can’t comment?”

(Miriam stares at the reporter silently until he shrinks deep into his chair.)

Reporter: “Moving on…you indicated you approved of the peace treaty with the Federation. Is this a difficult stance for you to take? Your husband was a hero of the First Crux War and died in combat fighting against the Federation.”

Miriam: “He was and he did.”

Reporter: “And that fact doesn’t affect your view of the Federation?”

Miriam: “If you continue to waste my time with irrelevant questions, this interview will be over far sooner than you intended. The Second Crux War was based on falsehoods and criminal manipulation. Once this was discovered, persisting with the war would be irrational, not to mention foolhardy. The fact all of humanity is facing a far greater threat against which we must be united if we are to prevail means the decision to end the war was absurd in its obviousness.”

Reporter: “Some people disagree with you, maintaining that actions taken by the Federation before and during the war merit its continuation.”

Miriam: “Those people are incorrect.”

Reporter: “I’ll, uh, let them know. Your daughter, Alexis Solovy, was recently cleared of involvement in last month’s bombing of the EASC Headquarters building, but she has yet to make a public appearance.”

Miriam: “My daughter isn’t known for her public appearances, thankfully. In any event, one isn’t necessary. The bombing was perpetrated by the conspirators, a fact I’m grateful has come to light.”

Reporter: “In an interview she and Senecan Federation intelligence agent Caleb Marano gave to this service several weeks ago, she hinted her relationship with you is not a close one. Care to comment?”

Miriam: “Not particularly.”

Reporter: “Why not?”

Miriam: “It’s outside the agreed-upon scope of this interview. Also, it happens to be none of your business.”

Reporter: “Do you know her whereabouts at this time?”

Miriam: “Why would I tell you that?”

Reporter: “Well, given the—”

(The door opens and Colonel Richard Navick walks in. On seeing the reporter, however, he turns to leave.)

Reporter: “Colonel Navick, please stay a moment. I’d like to ask you about the revelations surrounding the Aguirre Conspiracy.”

Richard: “I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation. Admiral Solovy, when you have a moment I need to speak with you.”

Miriam: “I’ll drop by as soon as we’re done here. Which will be quite soon.”

Reporter: “Colonel, we were just discussing David Solovy and his tragic death.”

Miriam: “No, we weren’t.”

Reporter: “You were a close friend of Commander Solovy, were you not?”

Richard: “Yes, I knew him since university. He was like a brother to me.”

Reporter: “Given that, how do you think David Solovy would feel were he to learn his wife, his daughter and his best friend have all betrayed his memory by allying with his killers?”

Richard:Excuse me?”

(Miriam depresses a button on her desk.)

Miriam: “Security, this man’s access to EASC grounds has been revoked. Escort him off the premises and see he is not allowed to return.”

Richard: “Permission to punch him, Admiral?”

Miriam: “Best not. It would get blood on the floor, and I was finally beginning to settle into the new office.”


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