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Interview With Caleb Marano and Noah Terrage


You have been warned.



One Month After the End of the Metigen War

Reporter: “Excuse me, gentlemen—excuse me. Do you have a moment to answer a few questions? For the public?”

(Caleb Marano glances over his shoulder as he and Noah Terrage pass the man on the street.)

Caleb: “Sorry, we’re in a hurry.”

Reporter: “Please, I’ll only take a minute of your time.”

(Caleb stops and turns around. With a visible sigh Noah joins him.)

Caleb: “All right—a minute. As in one.”

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Exclusive Interview With Admiral Miriam Solovy

It's the lovable, adorable Miriam Solovy doing what she enjoys most, gabbing with the press and the public! *melts under Miriam's glare*

Kidding. But though I'm picking on her, Miriam has actually turned out to be one of the most popular characters in Aurora Rising, ranking as a strong reader favorite - after Alex and Caleb of course, and a smidge ahead of Noah. So enjoy Miriam at her finest (with a special guest appearance by Richard).


(This interview takes place immediately following the events of VERTIGO: Aurora Rising Book Two.)

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Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything ) Transcript

I was honored to be invited to host an AMA on Reddit's /r/suggestmeabook and /r/sciencefiction last month. I had a terrific time chatting with everyone and hopefully provided some interesting answers to their questions.

In case you missed it, here is the transcript of the AMA, unaltered except for formatting and specific-to-Reddit details. It includes more details on my writing process, thoughts about writing and publishing, and juicy tidbits about Aurora Rising than I could ever consciously fit in one blog post, so I hope you enjoy!

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A Conversation with the Intrepid Heroes of STARSHINE

[Spoilers for STARSHINE follow. I'm just saying.]


Reporter:  I’m here today with Alexis Solovy and Caleb Marano. These two individuals have been at the center of a storm of recent events. Now, amid rumors of conspiracy, murder and even aliens, they’ve agreed to go on camera and answer our questions.

First things first—how did the two of you meet?

Caleb:  She shot me.

Alex:  I shot you down. Then I shot you.

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