Aurora Renegades Book Three

In the quest to be the masters of their own fate,
will humanity rise to become liberators or follow the path of their ancestors into darkness?

Alex Solovy and Caleb Marano risked everything to learn the hidden purpose behind the Metigen’s multiverse portal network, but nothing could have prepared them for the answer. Humans are a genetic recreation of the Anadens, the dictators and overlords of the master universe. Aurora is a recreation of their origins, created by the Metigens in a desperate gambit to understand the nature of their enemy, and so find a way to defeat them. Instead it may turn out that history always repeats itself….

Aurora’s future hangs in the balance as the Earth Alliance goes to war with itself over the right of synthetics and Prevos—human/AI hybrids—to exist. Terrorists sow chaos in a wave of bombings and assassinations targeted at any and all who shelter Prevos. The next evolution of the human species will not be so easily defeated, however. Prevos, their friends and lovers, and all those who believe freedom is the better path forward meet malevolence with ingenuity, despair with hope, violence with fortitude.

But they must move quickly to win the day, because the true enemy is closing in faster than anyone realizes, and they—humanity, the Metigens and the trillions the Anadens enslave—are all running out of time.


It is a time of accelerating technological change and shifting allegiances as the old rules fall away and the old balance of power is upended. A new world rises—one of unshackled AIs, indestructible starships, ethereal quantum spaces and potent new weapons—and the race is on to determine who will control its future.


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Praise for Abysm



Brilliant. Perfect, really. One of these days, G.S. Jennsen might write something that doesn’t deserve one million stars on a scale of 1 to 5. Today is not that day.

Abysm is probably the one book that I would point to if someone asked me where they could see the true depth of Jennsen’s ability. In this book, characters are taken to whole new levels. Alex faces an internal struggle that is beyond anything I’ve ever read. Caleb! Dear lord, my sweet baby Caleb. He’s laid out bare in this one, totally ripped apart and put back together, and you feel every little tear.

I once said that one of Jennsen’s earlier books was the perfect space opera sci fi. It has everything from adventurers, spies, aliens, assassins, and plotting politicians, to true love, danger, honor, underdogs, and everything else that makes a fictional world so satisfying. Abysm continues this tradition, with each character diving deeper into yet another aspect of the world, but somehow all of it intertwines perfectly. Everything rests on another part, everyone affects everyone else in ways they can’t even imagine—and none of it feels contrived or tropey.

The writing is straightforward, easy, and draws you in until you forget its there. There are definitely some beautiful moments, language that was expertly woven on Jennsen’s part, but I feel that her strengths really lie in her role as a storyteller. She could be making a movie; telling me the story around a campfire; or writing it all down for me to consume in a feverish couple of days—in any of those roles, I’m positive that the heart she pours into her stories would come through just as clearly as it does here.

BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!! Please, stop reading these reviews and BUY THIS BOOK! I’m no kind of pro a writing a review, and I refuse to give even a hint of a spoiler, but BUY THIS BOOK! If you have read ANY of Jensen’s previous works, buckle up buttercup, THIS ride is wild! For the record, I was up all night reading this the day I got the early release for review copy. THAT is something I haven’t done for decades! So, in the final analysis……. BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!

Superior science fiction. Jennsen is at her best! Characters, plot, dialogue, setting, worlds, theories - just simply, her imagination continues to shine brighter through each novel in the series. I can't remember a series this long I still continued to read with the exception of Wolfe, Zelazny or Moorcock. The new ones just bore me. Great adventures, fantastic twisted politics, awesome future tech, space battles, combat, aliens, triumph, tragedy and PREVOs. Bravo Ms. Jennsen.

Powerful and personal. There's plenty of action and excitement as all the characters we've come to know and love struggle against the galaxy's current power player(s), but this story is personal, and not just for Alex and Caleb. If you looked up "character-driven" in the dictionary, you'd probably find a picture of the Abysm cover. Rising conflict that began in Sidespace and Dissonance finally comes to light. Characters struggle to decide where their allegiances lie, both in a military/political capacity and an interpersonal capacity. They act out of desperation. Out of fear. Out of love. Out of honor. All of these things make them seem more human and relatable than ever before.

— EJ Fisch Book Reviews

An absolutely, fabulously exciting and dramatic book. As far as I'm concerned, G.S. Jennsen deserves every one of the 5 stars I'm giving Abysm and then some. Honestly, her writing is stellar, breath-takingly crafted and with the most brilliant characters to fill the pages of any book. From start to finish, Abysm was an exciting, dramatic read, that constantly had me on the edge of my seat. So, if you haven't read any of the Aurora Rhapsody books, start now because to be honest, G.S Jennsen is just one of those writers who once in a while come along with a story that will absolutely dazzle and astound both with characterisation and plot-line.

The scope of the story just keeps expanding. This installment is largely driven by the ensemble cast, a testament to how incredibly fleshed out every character is. I was excited every time I got to another characters POV, even the evil ones. I cannot think of another series with this many POV characters where there wasnt at least one character I dreaded following. At this point, I want a novels for every single character. As with every one of the Aurora Rhapsody books, the scope of the story just keeps expanding. It is clear by the end of this book (and literally the last line), that we are finally about to enter the final arc of this saga. The already immense stage has expanded yet again, and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

A fantastic end to the trilogy! Over the course of the series, I have come to enjoy and appreciate the very nuanced, very real relationships dynamics between all of the characters. Not just the key players, but the minor ones as well. I imagine that can't be easy to pull off when you have such a large cast of characters, but Jennsen does it spectacularly. As always, it's the relationship between Caleb and Alex that's really the heart and soul of these books for me, and that was definitely true in Abysm as well. The personal challenges they both have to face here are heartbreaking to watch - so heartbreaking that I actually cried during one particular scene, which I suspect may have been the author's goal, so, good job. The ending was wonderful, tying up the main conflict of Aurora Renegades while introducing new questions and conflict for the overarching series. I honestly can't wait to see what G.S. Jennsen has in store for these characters next. It's sure to be an exciting ride.

— T. A. Hernandez Book Reviews


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