On 'Impossible' White Dwarfs

"Astronomers Have Spotted An 'Impossible' White Dwarf": https://www.iflscience.com/space/astronomers-have-spotted-an-impossible-white-dwarf/

Of course it isn't impossible - either our scientific understanding or our scientific measurement tools, or both, aren't yet sophisticated enough to understand the object. But it's extremely cool that I included an oddity almost exactly like this in Starshine 😎:

"The Siyane hovered 1.5 megameters above the white dwarf. Deep red in color (despite the name), it pulsed at a leisurely period of thirty-six seconds. Seven different ways of measurement told her it radiated a temperature of 910 K.
“That’s not possible.”
“And that’s the fourth time you’ve said so.”
She shot him a glare. “It’s the fourth time it’s been true. The coolest white dwarf ever measured is 2440 K, and it is a helluva lot closer to the center of the damn universe than this is. A temperature so low means it’s almost as old as the Big Bang—and that is impossible.”
“Excellent.” He shrugged. “So…we go back home and win the Nobel Prize in Astrophysics?”"

Thanks to Mark Buxton for pointing me to the story!


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