Other Galaxies, Really?

“China’s Moon Landing May Fuel China’s Push to Other Galaxies”: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-06/china-s-moon-landing-may-fuel-humanity-s-drive-to-other-galaxies

No one is a greater fan of dreaming big than I am. Seriously. But..."other galaxies"? It seems like a tiny bit of a stretch to extrapolate that from a probe moon landing. 🤨

Watch your click-bait headlines, people. The article itself does not mention venturing to other galaxies. The final sentence hints at the possibility that what the writer *meant* was a 'push to see other galaxies more clearly,' which is something else altogether.

At least twice a day I see a headline involving space, tech or biology that gets my little futurist heart racing with excitement, only to find the headline vastly over-promises. The temptation to exaggerate is understandable, but there's no need for it. Our knowledge and capabilities are advancing faster than they ever have in history as it is. 🤗


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