10 More Galactic Tales

Conflict and war. They have followed humanity throughout history, and space is no exception.
Empires rise and fall, soldiers pour their blood into the sands of alien worlds, grim adventurers explore the edges of the universe, and epic battles decide the fate of millions.

The follow-up to the USA Today bestselling STARS & EMPIRE bundle, this limited-edition second volume features 10 of the bestselling authors in space opera today and a selection of titles pulled right from Amazon’s bestsellers lists. Also includes never-before-published bonus stories.

  • G. S. Jennsen - STARSHINE (Aurora Rising Book 1)
    - plus exclusive Aurora Rising short story, RESTLESS
  • Endi Webb - Initiate (Initiate Series Book 1)
  • Raymond L. Weil - Moon Wreck (The Slaver Wars Book 1)
  • Jasper T. Scott - The Invisible War (Dark Space Book 2)
  • Edward W. Robertson - Titans
  • Chris Reher - Sky Hunter (Targon Tales Book 1)
  • Nathan Lowell - Quarter Share (Trader's Tales From the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper Book 1)
  • Autumn Kalquist - Legacy Code (Fractured Era Book 1)
  • Isaac Hooke - A Second Chance (The Forever Gate Book 2)
  • Jay Allan - Gehenna Dawn (Portal Wars Book 1)


STARS & EMPIRE 2 was a limited-time offering and is no longer available for purchase.