Giveaway: Win A Vertigo (and Starshine) Audiobook

Anyone remember this blog post? Amazon, Hachette, Kindle Unlimi- Oh, Who Am I Kidding? Just go ahead and replace "Vertigo" with "Transcendence" and call it my day.

  • ACX graced with me with a stack of promo codes, which means it's Rafflecopter time. I'm giving away 10 copies of the VERTIGO audiobook. As a bonus, if you win and you haven't yet read/listened to Starshine, let me know and I'll throw in a free copy of the Starshine audiobook. There are multiple ways to enter - just use the widget at the bottom of this post or below or visit The giveaway only lasts 7 days, so get to it!

EDIT: The contest has ended and the winners have been notified. If your name is listed below, check your email!

  • The Starshine ebook is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon. Spread the word.

  • New blog post: Exclusive Interview with Admiral Miriam Solovy. The fun-loving, adorable Miriam goes one-on-one with a reporter. WWE RAW has got nothing on this show.

  • You may recall I mentioned I'd be periodically recommending new books from some of the terrific authors I've been privileged to meet over the last year. Well, if you're a fan of military sci-fi, you should check out two brand new novels from two insanely popular authors, Raymond L. Weil and Joshua Dalzelle:

Galactic Empire Wars: Rebellion: As the Kleese war machine begins attacking the nonaligned worlds, Colonel Wade Nelson races to bring the Alliance into being. As world after world falls and the Kleese warfleets come nearer a decisive battle is set up, which will either bring the Alliance into reality or will mean the end of the Human race.

Warship: Armed conflict is a thing of the past, and humanity's machines of war are obsolete. What would happen if they were threatened by a terrifying new enemy? Would they fold and surrender, or return to their roots and meet force with force? One ship—and one captain—will soon be faced with this very choice. Against incredible odds, Jackson Wolfe is determined to save humanity–and in the process, might end up saving himself.