Vertigo Release Details & Contest

Nine days and counting.

  • As I announced a few weeks ago, Vertigo will be available on Thursday, September 25th. Links to sales pages will be available here, with updates as soon as I have new links.

  • The ebook version will be an Amazon exclusive, at least for the first 90 days. Kindle Unlimited has put Starshine in the hands of 3x more readers in the last two months than B&N, iTunes, Google Play and Kobo did combined in four months, and I can't pass up that opportunity for Vertigo. The paperback isn't affected, and in short order will be available at online booksellers worldwide.

  • I'm giving away signed paperbacks of Vertigo and Starshine! See the new blog post for contest details.

  • In celebration of the release of Vertigo, Starshine is on sale for $0.99 now through October 6th. Tell your friends who have been on the fence they can now read it for pennies.

  • As promised, the Transcendence word meter has appeared in the sidebar. It looks pitifully empty, but it won't stay that way :).

I do have one personal request. If you are intending on purchasing Vertigo (especially the ebook), please consider purchasing it on Thursday the 25th (or Friday the 26th for those in Australia, Asia and other environs across the International Date Line).

A bump in sales in a short period of time will boost the novel up the oh-so-important Amazon Hot New Releases lists, which will increase its visibility to shoppers and significantly improve its chances for short- and long-term success.

I will post on the 25th when the book is live, so you'll receive a handy reminder in your Inbox :). Thank you all so much for your support - I appreciate it more than I can express.