Kindle Unlimited & Other News

Look out, I'm in a wacky mood this week (see the new blog post for proof). Must be all the summer sunshine....

  • Starshine is now available in the shiny new Kindle Unlimited. It's a subscription service Amazon launched last week, more or less a Netflix/Spotify for books. For $9.99/month, you can read as many books as you can manage from a selection of over 600K books in the program.

  • Participation requires Amazon digital exclusivity for 90 days, so that means the number of retailers carrying the Starshine ebook has shrunk a bit. It doesn't affect paperback distribution, and you don't need a Kindle device to read the ebook—Kindle apps are available for virtually all mobile devices, PC, Mac and the cloud.

  • The internet writing world is all aflutter over the Amazon/Hachette dispute and now Kindle Unlimited. You can read my thoughts on these important philosophical issues in a new blog post: Amazon, Hachette, Kindle Unlimi— Oh, Who Am I Kidding?. You really, truly want to. Trust me. Go ahead, click the link.

  • Whispersync is now fully enabled for the Starshine Kindle ebook and audiobook. In addition to syncing your current position across both the audio and ebook versions, if you listen to the audiobook from the Kindle app it will highlight the words in the ebook as they're read. I'm not sure how useful that is, but it is cool!

  • I've added The Passive Voice and Hugh Howey to the blogroll. I don't know why I hadn't before; I certainly visit them both every day. If you have any interest in independent publishing or writing in general, they are essential reading.

And now, back to Vertigo for me. Because, Vertigo.